Different Types of Anemia Treatment

Anemia is a fairly common problem. In fact, it is the most common blood disorder in the world. Most people experience mild to moderate anemia, but there are some people that experience severe anemia. In order to prevent severe anemia, or other health problems, you should know the different types of anemia treatment available.

Sometimes, anemia is caused by another health condition. Ulcers, arthritis and crohn’s disease are common health conditions that can cause anemia. The best anemia treatment in these cases are to treat the underlying health conditions. Ulcers can be treated by avoiding certain medicines like aspirin and ibuprofen. Arthritis and crohn’s will need to be treated by doctor prescribed medication and guidelines. If you follow the treatment for the health condition, the anemia should subside.

In many cases, anemia is caused by an iron or vitamin deficiency. The best anemia treatment for iron deficiency is to take an iron supplement. Iron deficiency anemia usually causes fatigue, weakness and decreased energy. Taking an iron supplement will help get rid of these symptoms. Vitamin deficiency is caused when the body lacks a certain vitamin. Anemia treatment for vitamin deficiency will include vitamin b-12 and folate. Taking this, along with an iron supplement, will help increase the red blood cell production and therefore get rid of the anemia.

Sometimes, medical attention is needed for anemia treatment. When the anemia is caused by blood loss, then in many cases a blood transfusion is needed. Although many doctors try to avoid transfusions as much as possible, they are sometimes needed for severe anemia treatment. The blood transfusion will replace the blood that was lost, as well as providing lots of healthy red blood cells.

If taking an iron supplement, b-12 and folate are not helping the production of red blood cells, you may need to take other medications for anemia treatment. There are certain injections called epoetin alfa that can help increase the red blood cell production and therefore, increase the amount of oxygen sent to the body’s organs. These injections are a great form of anemia treatment and usually help get rid of the symptoms completely. If the injections and supplements still do not get rid of the symptoms, your doctor may prescribe other anemia treatment medication that could help.

Since there are many different causes of anemia, there are many different anemia treatments. Knowing what causes your anemia will help you get the anemia treatment that you need. This will stop the anemia symptoms and help keep them from coming back.

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