Dog Allergies and How to Prevent Them

Having dog allergies is not only a problem for people that have them as pets, it can be a problem for everyone. You may think not having a dog in your home  will help prevent you from having the dog allergy symptoms, but that is not the case.

Dog allergies are a very common problem that millions of people suffer from. Some of the allergen is produced within the pet dander. This is a problem because the dander spreads through the air. So even if a dog is not currently in the area, the dander can still be present. Although the dander is a big problem with dog allergies, it is not the most prominent cause.

The number one place that dog allergies are found is within their saliva. This type of allergen is called a Can f 1. As we all know, dogs salivate a lot therefore, Can f 1 may be found in many places. Even though Can f 1 is mainly found in the dogs saliva, it is also found in their blood and can be spread through that as well.

Since dog allergies are all around, it can sometimes be a difficult task to cure and prevent the symptoms. Taking daily allergy medications are a must and some may even require allergy shots. Using a HEPA air purifier in your bedroom will also help reduce your symptoms. The filter cleans the allergens from the air and produces a sterile environment. Using allergy-proof bedding will also help decrease your symptoms. They are specifically designed to keep dander and other allergens out and therefore you will not inhale the harmful substance.

If you are a dog owner and are worried about your child having dog allergies, you may not have to give up your pooch just yet. It has been proven that exposing children to the allergens at a young age can help them build up an immunity to the danger. Therefore, they are less likely to develop a dog allergy.

Taking simple precautions can help reduce your symptoms and also prevent them altogether. Keeping your pets clean is the main way to prevent it from where it starts. Also, cleaning your house on a regular basis will give you a sterile environment that you can escape to. Even though you cannot escape the dangers of dog allergies everywhere you go, you can take these steps to ensure your safety at home.

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