Early 5 Symptoms Of Alzheimers

Most of the diseases can be diagnosed at an early stage since the human body gives warning signals regarding most of the impending diseases. You should be able to identify the symptoms that the body reflects to treat it at an early stage. Alzheimer’s is one such disease that can be detected at an early stage through which we can avoid serious memory impairment problems.


Alzheimer’s is not a simple illness that can be considered normal with aging. Mild forgetfulness is normal as we age; but grave memory problems can disrupt our daily life. There are some warning signs of Alzheimer’s. If any of these signs are observed in you or your loves ones, do not hesitate to seek expert medical advice.

Age, family history, and genetics are some of the important factors that need to be taken into account. Detecting the first signs of memory problems will enable you to save you and your loved ones from leading a gloomy life.

Early Symptoms Of Alzheimers

Frequent Memory Loss

Occasional memory loss is common in many people, but a memory loss that disrupts daily life badly is one of the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Difficulty in recalling recently learned information falls under this category.

If this kind of forgetfulness occurs more often, this can lead to serious conditions of dementia. Failing to remember names or appointments irregularly can be considered normal.

But if the person frequently forgets important dates or events, names of family members and common objects, medical advice should be sought. Some people may even find difficulty in establishing spatial relationships and may get lost in familiar neighborhoods.


Failure To Do Familiar Tasks Independently

People with early symptoms of Alzheimer’s may find it difficult to carry out daily chores that they used to independently before. The person may find it difficult to manage checkbook, balance figures and manage budget, money and paying bills.

He/she may also find it really hard to remember the rules of her/his favorite game; may miss making monthly payments, or may have trouble driving to a known location. The person will experience difficulty in following recipes, solve problems and may take longer than usual to finish daily tasks.

task failure

Linguistic Problems

Struggling with vocabulary is an early symptom of Alzheimer’s. People with Alzheimer’s disease often face problems regarding which word to use and find it hard to get the right word that fits the occasion and sentence.

They may tend to substitute unusual words making their conversation complex and difficult to understand. They may ask the same question over and over again and repeat conversations several times.

They may also tend to forget entire conversation and will stop in the middle wondering what he/she was talking about. The person may experience trouble following or joining a conversation. They may refer common things with wrong names. Because of this trouble communicating and understanding written material people become angry and frustrated.

Linguistic Problems

Poor Judgment

People with Alzheimer’s may find it hard to make decisions and to reach superior judgments. Reaching poor judgment in money matters may lead them into trouble or unfavorable circumstances.

Some people may even become careless in keeping themselves clean and tidy. Making a bad decision occasionally is natural, but if this becomes habitual, you need to seek medical advice.

Poor Judgment

Misplacing Things Quite Often

A person with Alzheimer’s disease may forget where they keep familiar things. They may keep things in unusual places and will face trouble in finding them. For instance they may keep spectacles in fridge, wallet in washing machine or keys in dishwasher.

Due to all these absurd habits and actions people with Alzheimer’s become easy subjects of mood fluctuations and weird temperaments. Changes in personality and behavior will develop making their and others life more miserable.

Don’t push your loves ones to a world of forgetfulness. Keep your eyes open to the early signs of Alzheimer and save you and your loved ones from a depressed life.


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