8 Early Symptom Of Appendicitis

Symptom Of Appendicitis

Symptom Of Appendicitis

The appendix is a vestigial (non-functional) organ in the human body which is located near the large intestine. It is somewhat a pouch-shaped organ. Inflammation of appendix is known as appendicitis and needs immediate surgical removal (appendectomy).Untreated appendixes may burst within the body leading to fatal consequences. Owing to the grave danger surrounding appendicitis it is mandatory that you learn to understand the signs and symptoms of an appendix inflammation. It is necessary to get medical help as soon as an inflamed appendix is noticed.

Symptoms Of Appendicitis

Severe Abdominal Pain

Abdominal Pain

Many patients confuse abdominal pain linked to appendicitis with common stomach ache, so you need to distinguish between the two. If it is an appendix linked pain it starts near the belly button and progresses down the lower right abdominal region.The pain gets worse when you walk, move the legs, sneeze or travel. If you’re experiencing the severe pain for several hours it could be an appendicitis abdominal pain.

Low Fever


One of the foremost and noticeable symptom of appendicitis is development of sudden fever accompanied by shaking and chills. If you have a fever below 100 degrees there is not much to worry about. However, if you have a fever above hundred, along with chills and abdominal discomfort combined with inability to stand up straight, it could be a symptom for appendicitis.



Eating too much of oily and spicy food could cause gas and bloating. But bloating that occurs due to appendicitis is persistent and severe. If you feel bloated for more than 2 days and the bloating is accompanied by abdominal pains you should seek medical help.

Tenderness Check

Tendeness Check

Doctors say that you can check for some rebound tenderness in the painful region. This should be done by pressing the painful abdominal region and releasing the pressure quickly if you feel a twitching pain while releasing the pressure and the area feels tender while applying pressure it could be an appendix inflammation.However, if it hurts the first time, do not do the test again and again for further confirmation. Constant pressing could irritate the inflamed organ. You are advised to seek immediate help if you feel rebound tenderness in the abdomen.

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Nausea, Vomitting Which Worsens


If it is appendicitis you won’t have too much of vomiting or nausea, however you’ll experience a persistent low appetite, nauseous dizzy feeling, unconsciousness and uncontrolled vomiting tendency.These tend to worsen with time and if you have these in addition to pain and fever you can be a tad bit surer that there is an inflamed appendix. Some patients have reported that they notice blood in their vomit and urine.



This is not a symptom to pinpoint that you may have appendicitis. But, if you have diarrhea along with all the above symptoms like nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, inability to walk straight, rebound tenderness and excruciating abdominal pain, you must see a doctor.

No Gas Can Be Passed

No Gas Pas

If it is appendicitis your stomach maybe bloated but you will not be able to pass gas leading to further discomfort and complication.

Increasing Pain In Lower Back Region

Pain In Lower Back

Excruciating pain in the abdomen is the most common appendicitis sign. This pain only increases with time and progresses rapidly over the entire abdominal region and lower back region. The pain is intense enough to wake you up from sleep.The pain increases within a span of a few hours and once you experience the pain it is advised that you seek immediate medical attention.

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