Eating Healthy Diet Schedule to Aid Digestion

Most people try to follow a healthy diet that includes a well balanced meal. However, not all of us eat on a regular schedule. Eating healthy also includes following a regular schedule. Our bodies get used to our eating habits. When we eat on a regular schedule our bodies become healthier.

Eating healthy requires that you come up with a schedule that will work for you and your family. Everyone should stick to the schedule once it is established and only deviate from it under special circumstances, like a vacation, birthday, wedding or other special event.

Most people will skip breakfast, eat a small lunch and then consume a large meal in the evening. This is not eating healthy. Rather people should consume a large breakfast, a decent sized lunch and a small meal in the evening for dinner. You should also be consuming at least two snacks in-between meal times throughout the day.

An ideal schedule could include fresh fruit, oatmeal, fresh orange juice, and egg whites for breakfast. You should eat the foods you would normally eat in the evening for dinner for lunch. Then dinner should consist of foods you would normally eat at lunch. The reason you want a smaller meal in the evening is because it is important that your stomach does not have much food in it before going to bed. If you go to sleep after eating a large meal the body can convert much of the food to fat. Also you should stop eating at least 4 hours before going to sleep, allowing the body time to begin to digest the food before lying down.

Snacks should be consumed about two hours after breakfast and two hours after lunch. These snacks can be fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, no-salt nuts, such as almonds or pecans, low-fat plain yogurt, or low-fat cottage cheese.

When eating, you should eat slowly. Chew your food thoroughly before swallowing. The stomach will have less work to do if your food is broken up better. If you feel full when eating a meal, you should stop eating. If you do not eat everything off of your plate that is okay. By changing eating habits and eating smaller portions throughout the day, it will help make digestion easier without feeling bloated or constipated.

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