Eating Healthy to Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is caused by a series of other health problems. It is possible to prevent this disease as well as lower you risks for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, both of which leads to heart disease.

When most of us think about healthy foods, the first thing we will think of is salads, broccoli, and different sprouts. We picture a plate with nothing but vegetables while everyone around us is eating a big greasy burger with French fries. But that does not have to be the case. There are many foods, if prepared properly, which can be healthy and full of flavor all while reducing our risks for heart disease. The following examples are only a few possibilities to healthy meals. Experiment and come up with your own favorite meals.

Breakfast foods such as pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausages, donuts, and pastries should be discarded. Rather eat a bowl of oatmeal and add fresh fruit like blueberries or raisins to add flavor. You can still eat eggs, but only use egg whites since the egg yolks can cause high cholesterol. In place of sausages and bacon, there are vegetable based substitutes that taste just as well. Instead of donuts and pastries, have a piece of whole grain toast and add a little bit of honey instead of butter.

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Lunch trips to your favorite fast food restaurants should be eliminated. Rather pack your lunch and make a salad. You can use lean cuts of chicken and turkey to put on top of the salad as well as shredded carrots, cucumbers, or any other vegetable you desire. You can even use baked croutons, but should read the nutritional information to make sure they have no cholesterol or bad fats. Avoid using cheeses, boiled eggs, and creamy dressings. Rather than pouring dressing onto the salad, you should pour it into a small container that you can dip your salad into.

For dinner you can prepare skinless chicken or fish by baking it in the oven with steamed vegetables and rice. Rather than using a coating on the chicken or fish, use spices like rosemary, garlic or sage to add flavoring. Always read nutritional labels and avoid products that are high in sodium, cholesterol and bad fats.

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