Effective 5 Herbal Remedies For Polyps


Fleshy growths that occur in the large intestine lining are known as polyps which can also occur in several other parts around the colon. Polyps are very common and their occurrence increases in the body with age. More than fifty percent people above the age of fifty are found to have these growths in the colon.

Polyps are very dangerous because they can become cancerous and can cause colon cancer. In the initial stages, polyps cause pain in the abdomen area and they need to be treated instantly in order to avoid dangerous situations. There are some herbal remedies for polyps that can be taken into account in order to get instant relief from this condition. The remedies have been enumerated below:

Best Herbal Remedies For Polyps




Garlic is one herb that is found being referred to as one of the common herbal remedies for infections of all kinds. Garlic is also known as a wonder remedy because of the manifold benefits that it has once used in the daily diet of an individual.

Garlic retards the growth of polyps in the colon area and thus helps in avoiding the chances of colon cancer. It has also been proved through studies that regular intake of garlic and its supplements can help in avoiding the development of colon cancer.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is another effective herb that is said to produce amazing results in treating polyps and avoiding the chances of colon cancer.

It has been used as a traditional medicine for polyps for many years and is considered to be an alternative that is quite natural in its effect and in the work that it does. The risks of developing colon cancer are reduced to a great extent by the regular intake of green tea.

Grape Seed

Grape Seeds

Extract of grape seed can be used as one of the most beneficial herbal remedies for polyps because it slows down the growth of the polyps and thus the progression of the cells that cause colon cancer.

It is a natural substance that can have great results in strengthening the immunity of a person if it is taken regularly in the diet.



Colon cancer that is caused due to the development of polyps around the colon can be avoided to a great extent by the use of turmeric which is a common herb that is used in curry.

The use of turmeric helps sustain the colon walls from the growth of polyps that act as a dangerous agent leading to colon cancer.



Great health can be restored by the use of ginger which is also found in several dishes that are taken by people regularly. Ginger possesses absorption properties that are very helpful in absorbing the food that is taken by the body and at the same time it also slows down the growth process of the polyps that lead to the development of colon cancer.

Thus ginger can always be used as one of the effective herbal remedies for polyps and can be included in the daily diet of an individual.

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