Effective Home Remedies For Gout


Gouty arthritis is not exactly a new or novel health complaint, and some of the earliest instances of it occurring date as far back as the 16th century. Back in those times, they did not have the medical prowess  or knowledge, let alone technology that they now possess, and so people had to rely much more heavily upon the likes of home remedies in order to acquire some degree of relief from the effects and symptoms of gouty arthritis.

Given how prevalent and indeed, directly accessible regular medication and medical treatment is, many people who suffer fromgouty arthritis maybe left wondering to themselves, why would they even want to consider the possibility of using a home remedy for their pain and suffering, when they can just take a few tablets? The truth of the matter is that medication is not always the answer and the reason for this is that the body will come to develop a tolerance to any medication ingested by the person, which in turn, directly reduces the quality and effectiveness of that medication.


Another major issue to be aware of is that many types of medication are highly addictive indeed, and so the patient will be directly exposing themselves to the risk of an addiction to their painkillers which will in turn have a severely adverse impact on the quality of their life indeed.

Because of this, home remedies can be an excellent strategy to control the symptoms of gouty arthritis. Some methods are listed as follows:

Applying ice to the afflicted region will help to reduce the amount of inflammation present within the joint, which in turn, will reduce the amount of pain and muscle stiffness that the gout will cause to the victim.  Please ensure that you apply a barrier of sorts between the ice and the skin of the afflicted joint, as you will risk the chances of an ice burn.


When applying ice to the part of the body which suffers from gouty arthritis, there will be an initial amount of pain suffered. However, this will quickly go away and will in its place, provide the victim with a significant amount of relief.

Effective Home Remedies For Gout

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