Effective Natural Cures For Asthma In Children

Cures For Asthma In ChildrenOur children hold a very special place in our hearts and we can go to any extent for them. We are always there with them in every endeavor of their lives. But, Alas! We feel helpless when there is any kind of health issue with our little ones. Asthma in children is one of them. The number of cases are increasing with the passage of time.

This is a severe ailment and should be attended immediately. We rush for every possible treatment without bothering about the bill and the medicines. However, this is what every parent would do. This is not wrong, but unluckily, this may invite many kinds of side effects along with the medicines. These side effects can be harmful in the long run. Thus, it is always better to opt for the natural ways. Below, I will try to make you aware about a few natural cures for asthma in children.

Natural Ways To Cure Asthma In Children


Onion has got the property of anti-inflammation. We will use this property for treating the swelling of airways during the phenomenon of asthma. Children would resist eating raw onion. Thus, we need to make them consume cooked onions. You have to prepare dishes rich in onion gravy or semi-cooked onion.

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They should have this diet every day for a couple of months for fast relief from the problem. This is a harmless natural cure for asthma in children. This may also lead to complete recovery in the long run.

Chilies And Pepper

Both the ingredients are readily available in the market and we frequently use in our daily cooking. We need to use these for the treatment of asthma in our kids. Chili and pepper helps the lungs produce excess amount of fluid, which in turn helps in the out flow of the mucus formed within the body.

This excretion of mucus will help in reducing the frequency of asthma attacks. Thus, it is suggested to make our children consume food which is rich in chili and pepper in bearable amounts.

Orange Juice

This is a very tasty and easy natural cure for our children suffering from asthma. Orange is rich in Vitamin C, which reduces the problem of asthma tremendously. Take fresh oranges and peel them off nicely.

Orange Juice

Now, with the help of a juicer squeeze out the juice into a glass. Let your kid drink down the glass of juice without any delay. Make sure that he drinks similar 3 glasses of orange juice within a day for 2 weeks. You will be able to observe the improvement in the condition of your child. This is a tested natural cure for asthma.

Yogurt Salad

This is an instant recipe for curing the problem of asthma in our children. To make the recipe interesting, take a medium sized bowl and fill it with small cubes of colorful fruits. Pour 1 cup of yogurt on the fruits and mix well.

Sprinkle adequate amount of salt and pepper powder on it. Serve it in an ice- cream bowl. This will motivate your child to eat it up in one go. Give this serving every day during the snacks. Yogurt will help in diminishing the symptoms of asthma in a short span of time.

Fatty Fish

Fish is a source of fatty acid for human body. Omega 3 fatty acid helps in reducing the tendency of asthma attacks. This soothes out the lungs. Thus, intake of fishes like salmon and tuna can help in avoiding the asthma attacks.

Fatty Fish

Prepare delicious dishes comprising of fish and serve to your kids. This should be done for minimum 2 days a week continuously for a few months for fast recovery. However, it has been found that children having fish in their diet are safe from the ailment of asthma.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.