5 Effective Natural Cures For Measles


Measles is also known as rubella which is a highly contagious disease or more popularly known as a viral infection that can even lead to rash and fever. The incubation time span of this infection can range from nine to eleven days. There are certain symptoms of this infection that can be taken into account such as irritation, feeling tired, aversion towards light, runny eyes and cold.

The usual change that is found on the face of the victim and even on the body are the bright red rashes that break out on the face and the forehead leading down towards the whole body. The winter and the spring seasons are the most common symptoms for the appearance of these rashes. There are various types of natural cures for measles available and they can be used by an individual in order to get instant relief. They are as follows:

Natural Cures For Measles

Neem Leaves


Neem is an herb that is very well known as a natural cure for many infections and diseases. People also take in raw neem in order to cure certain problems of the body and the immune system. Neem leaves are said to act as an antiseptic when they are placed in the room of the infected person.

Neem leaves are also found to freshen the air and improve the quality of the air inside the room. They prevent in the spread of the infection and are said to be the most common natural cures for measles.



This is one herb that is said to work in the sector of enhancing and improvising the immune system and at the same time it is also known to prevent measles which can have adverse effects on the health of a human being. Echinacea is said to contain certain supplements that are healthy and helpful in generating a good immune system that works and benefits the health of a human being.

Garlic Oil.

Garlic Oil

Garlic has always been a very common cure for several diseases because of the herbal qualities that is contains. Garlic cloves and even garlic oil is said to be the most common of all natural cures for measles. Garlic oil, if applied on the affected area can prevent measles from developing further and can also heal the existing infections on the face and the entire body.

Eleutherococcus And Ginseng

Eleutherococcus And Ginseng

They are also some of the popular herbs that are very natural and can be used as the natural cures for measles. These herbs act as general tonics for the infected person and at the same time they are of great help in improving the strength of an individual. These herbs are also known to contain the qualities that can help the body in resisting the influence of measles which is a very serious infection.

Snake Root And Saffron

Snake Root And Saffron

They are also herbs that can be used as natural cures for measles because of the fact that they speed up the healing process of an individual. A tea made of snake root and saffron can be of great effect in healing the infection from its very roots.

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