Effective natural cures for the treatment of acne

Effective natural cures for the treatment of acne

As sophisticated and advanced as modern day medical technology is, the worrying truth of it is that any type of medication that there is will effectively pose a risk to the health of the person who ingests it. The degree of severity that the medication presents will differ between people, and so the physician who is prescribing the medication will need to actually weigh up the benefits versus the potential risks and make a judgment call from there.

For some acne sufferers, the mere idea of using prescription medication for the treatment of acne is not an option, because they are alarmed due to the fact that the medication will pose a risk to their health. Therefore, they would rather rely upon a more natural and organic method of achieving treatment of acne .

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With that in mind then, the following is an overview of some natural remedies and cures the acne sufferer can make use of for their treatment of acne .

  • Treat your skin by applying a honey based skin mask twice a week. Honey is one of the most natural things in the world, and is renowned the world over for its anti bacterial qualities. Given the fact that acne is caused by bacteria, this means that you are dealing with the problem head on! The fact that honey is also ideal for sensitive skin will mean that this is one natural cure that is accessible and safe for everyone.
  • Let your skin breathe! As tempting as it maybe to put some strategically applied makeup to cover up the worst of your acne, especially when it is present in a very visible part of the body such as the face, this is an exceptionally bad idea indeed. The reason for this is that the makeup will effectively suffocate the pores of your skin making it much harder for them to breathe. This in turn will allow the sweat that accumulates during the course of the day to build up in your pores.  If you simply must wear make up then do so for as quickly as possible, and ensure that it soluble.

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