8 Essential Natural Cures For Pyorrhea


Today pyorrhea is a very common health problem. It is basically an infection in the bones and ligaments that hold the teeth. Further if not cured it could lead to shrinkage of gums and loss of teeth. Medically this condition is known as Pyorrhea Alveolaris and it is commonly referred as Pyorrhea.

Constant redness of gums, bad breath, swelling of gums, loosening of teeth, pain in biting food are some of the common symptoms of pyorrhea. While there are many different factors that could lead to pyorrhea but a very basic cause behind it is lack of adequate dental hygiene. This causes unwanted growth of bacteria due to food deposits left in the mouth.

And this further causes swelling of gums and affects the whole structure that hold the tooth. In many cases, pyorrhea goes unnoticed and untreated as it does not cause any pain. You don’t need to rush to a dentist in this case. Nature has abundant resources to provide for every illness and disease. So here we get you a list of best natural cures for pyorrhea.

Natural Cures For Pyorrhea



This tangy yellow fruit being rich in Vitamin C has a host of health benefits to offer. This Vitamin C has got all the properties to strengthen your gums and tooth if used correctly and timely.

Take one fresh lemon, cut one slice and squeeze it to a glass of water. And use this mixture to gargle.

Spinach Juice


Spinach juice is essential for to cure pyorrhea and also for overall health of the body. The effect can be enhanced if the spinach juice is taken along with carrot juice. You may have it 2 times a day for proper effect and treatment.



Use the orange peels and rub them over the gums this will reduce the inflammation. Also adding this fruit to your diet will prove extremely beneficial. This is useful for dealing with swollen and bleeding gums.

Have Fibrous Foods

Have Fibrous Foods

Like the body, the teeth and gum also require exercise. So for this try hard and fibrous foods. Wheat here is a food option. It is an effective natural cure for the treatment and prevention of pyorrhea. This provides aid for digestion also.



Having raw guava is really healthy for the gums and teeth as well. Chew unripe guava to reduce swelling. It is rich in Vitamin C which will speed the recovery process.



Try eating banana with the thread like peel it is really helpful for maintaining tooth health. This can soothe the bleeding gums. This is the simplest remedies to cure pyorrhea.



Take 100ml of honey and mix it with 200ml of castor oil and 5gms of camphor. Rub this mixture daily on your teeth and gums.All the three ingredients mentioned have got various medicinal properties. This will sooth your gums and cure pyorrhea.

Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

By following a well balanced and healthy diet you can reduce any nutritional deficiencies which will improve your overall health including oral hygiene. Therefore your diet should be high in fruits and veggies especially leafy vegetables. Raw green salad is regarded as the best for teeth. Whole grain, seeds, nuts, grains and dairy products are also a must for your diet and healthy living.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.