Everything You Need to Know About Autism

What is autism disorder?

Autism disorder is a neural development condition that affects many aspects of the person’s brain. It will affect the communication, social and emotional parts of the brain and could prevent them from developing. There are three different forms of autism. These are asperger’s, rett syndrome and childhood disintegrative disorder. These disorders are referred to as pervasive developmental disorders.

What is the autism disorder cause?

There is no known cause for autism disorder but there are some factors that could contribute to the disorder. Some have been proven, others are just speculation.

What are the factors?

Certain genes can lead to the disorder. These genes affect the development of the brain, affect communication between different parts of the brain, make a person more susceptible to the disorder and determine how severe it will be. Environmental factors could also contribute to the disorder. If the child was exposed to certain viruses and pollutants, then it could cause the disorder. Food allergies may also be a factor. Poor nutrition, bad parenting and vaccines have also been brought up as possible causes but have not been proven. They are a very controversial topic and many people have their own opinion on it.

What are the autism disorder symptoms?

There are many different symptoms that are present with autism. Symptoms could start as early as the age of six months, but may not develop until the age of four. Lack of communication is a very common one. If by the age of twelve months the child has not made any type of verbal communication, they may have autism. Also using terms incorrectly and forgetting words they previously knew is a symptom. Lack of social interaction is another sign. Aggression and anger in social situations could be a symptom. Repetitive motions, routine and extreme organization are also symptoms of autism.

What is the autism disorder cure?

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for autism. Since we do not know what causes it, there is no way to find a cure. There is however, many different treatments and therapies that can lessen the symptoms and control the disorder so that the person can live a normal life.

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