Facial Hair Removal For Men

Facial hair is a natural phenomenon for man. It is a part of the body that can be considered an art form. Who would have thought that hair could become a way to decorate a man’s face?

facial hair removal

Boys can start developing facial hair as early as eleven years but usually facial hair develops between fourteen to sixteen years of age. Men develop thicker facial hair in the seventeen to twenty years of age bracket. A full beard is not developed until the late twenties or early thirties years of age.

Facial hair in men first appears in the corners of the upper lip. Facial hair then spreads to form a mustache over the entire upper lip. From there hair begins to develop on the upper part of the cheek bones. To finish filling out the facial hair the area under the lower lip develops hair and finally hair spreads to the sides and lower border of the chin.

Once men have developed a potential to have a full beard there are many styles for those who desire not to use facial hair removal. From creating your own style to the clean shaven look where the face is void of facial hair except eyebrows. A full beard is the extreme opposite. The five o’clock shadow is long stubble, a mustache, a goatee and side burners are other styles.

When the time comes to do facial hair removal there are choices how to remove the facial hair. You could choose to use a razor or shaver but what if you have sensitive skin? Use Bengal gram powder as a soap substitute. This can reduce hair growth. Powdered Bengal gram is a natural cleanser and scrub.

bengal gram dal

Applying a mixture of milk cream and turmeric can remove hair growth. Sugaring which is sugar, water, citric acid and glycerin mixed and heated. Sugaring is a homemade wax to apply to the hairy patches and pull off with cotton strips.


Lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent for bleaching the skin and dark hairs. Apply lemon juice mixed with a little honey. Using regularly, at least twice a week, will lighten hair and slow re-growth.

lemon juice

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