Fat Free Foods that are Healthy

There are certain foods that are naturally fat free. These products are healthy diet options when following a low fat diet. It should be pointed out that our bodies do need a certain amount of fats in order for it to properly digest foods and keep us healthy. Eating excessive amounts of fats can be avoided by balancing our diets and watching what we eat.

Skim milk and dairy products made from skim milk are naturally fat free. You can find both hard and soft cheeses, sour cream, and yogurt made from skim milk. You should avoid yogurt that has fruit already mixed in with it because it may contain added sugar or corn syrup. Instead get a plain yogurt made from skim milk and add your own fresh fruit.

Most fresh fruits and vegetables are fat free or contain very little fat. Lettuce, green beans, peas, celery, carrots, onions, peppers, mushroom and any other fresh vegetable found in the produce section of your grocery store or farmers market is fat free. The only exception is avocados, which contain some fat. Fresh fruits like oranges, apples, grapes, lemons, limes, tangerines, cherries and various berries are all naturally fat free. Fruits do contain natural sugars and should be consumed in the morning and early afternoon rather than later in the day.

You should avoid canned fruits and vegetables. Canned fruits use corn syrup or sugars in them when canned. Even if the fruit is canned in water, it still has some added sugars. Canned vegetables can have added sodium in them. Even when labeled no sodium, these canned vegetables may have other preservatives added to extend shelf life. You should always use the fresh equivalents as they are healthier. Even better are fresh organic vegetables and fruit.

If you need to sweeten a beverage or recipe, use honey instead of sugars or artificial sweeteners. Honey is naturally fat free and has no cholesterol. Cinnamon is another sweetener that is fat free. You can use cinnamon sticks in your herbal tea, or ground up cinnamon in oatmeal or other foods that you want to sweeten.

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