10 Tips To Work During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a full time job agreement of nine months; you receive payment by nature in shape of your little Engle in your arms after nine months. Some mothers prefer to do other jobs beside pregnancy, to support her increasing family and not dealing with restless wait of nine months.

If you are preceding a healthy pregnancy, you can continue your job till you reach to your first contraction. While other moms will prefer, going for maternity leave at the starting of nine month to get ready for your coming baby.

There are some tips to avoid complications during working while you are pregnant.

Negotiate With Your Employer

Have a careful negotiation with your employer to know each and very single point about maternity leave policies and benefits, which your company offers you.

Also talk about your work schedule, if you suffer morning sickness and fatigue, ask boss to permit you to come late and if you are not feeling well then allow you to go earlier. If you are comfortable to work in afternoon ask them to let you join shift in afternoon.

Relax When Possible

If you are feeling tired, relax in your break time, if it is possible, lie down for few minutes. If you can’t lie down just head down on your table, elevate your feet, close your eyes and relax your mind and body in this condition.

Avoid Too Much Work Burden

If you are a working women get more rest at home than a house stay woman, reduce your house chores responsibilities by assigning them to your family, especially if you are reaching to delivery date. Researches show that if your feeling tired increasing only half or one hour in your resting time will surly work to make you feel better.

Keep On Snacking

Keep on munching and snacking after every hour, this will maintain your energy level and reduce the common pregnancy problems such as nausea and morning sickness.

Be In Contact With Your Coworkers

If you are not feeling well to go office at the day when your presence matters for a group assignment, you can work while sitting at home; communicate with your co-workers on call or via internet.

Leave The Work If You Are Exhausted

Your pregnancy should be your preferences. If you are tired and exhausted enough don’t force yourself to work, leave the work at once.

Ask For Help

Ask your boss to arrange help of your co-workers, when you don’t find stamina to do work. If you are not able to work on any important assignment, request your boss to reassign your project to anyone else. Be stress free to avoid any complication in your pregnancy.

Schedule Your Work

Schedule your work responsibilities to work more easily. Make a list of works-to-do, in first trimester you can suffer the week memory problem for time being. Note down everything you consider important. This will also avoid stress

Keep Emergency Pregnancy Kit With You

Keep a small pregnancy kit with you to be easy to cope with small problems. This kit must contain lemon to reduce nausea, sanitary napkin, face mister, pretzel, cracker and wafer for snacking.

Take Time To Be Ready For Big Day

At the last stage of your pregnancy, if you are not feeling well enough to keep working, take leaves to be ready and relax for a big day. As you are going to have a new addition in your family, it will surely cause increase in your budgets.

Therefore most of the working women prefer working till the end of pregnancy, there is no harm in it. A woman having a healthy pregnancy can continue her job until her delivery time, the things that matter is her health and indirectly her baby’s health.

Health should never be affected by your working, if so! Then quit job, go for maternity rest. There shouldn’t be any compromises over your health. Your pregnancy is precious than your job.