3 Effective Tips To Heal Your Acne Breakouts

Tips For Acne Breakouts

Acne is a highly disturbing skin related issue. Acne can occur in a number of forms which may extremely ruin the texture and health of the skin. The most popular forms of acne include pimples, cysts, freckles, blackheads and whiteheads on the skin. The problem of acne is more evident in young girls. Acne breakouts occur when the sebaceous glands of the skin produce excessive oil.

Tips For Acne Breakouts

So as to get rid of acne fast, people often rush to the nearby medical store and get the creams and lotions to eliminate the problem. However, this is not a permanent solution to acne problem. Once you stop using these creams and lotions on your skin, there is a possibility of acne breakouts occurring again.

Therefore, it is recommended to have some patience and follow natural remedies to get rid of acne, so that the problem is treated from the roots. The three most effectual tips to heal acne breakouts are explained here. Honey is regarded as the best acne treatment. Before using honey as an effective acne cure, it is advised to wash the face properly and in a gentle manner with a mild cleanser.


Make use of cold water to clean your face. Thereafter, apply honey all over the face and let it stay for around fifteen to twenty minutes, before rinsing the face with cold water. Follow this treatment regularly in the morning and in the evening for a few days and see an improvement in the condition of your skin.

Grapefruit extract is considered to be a very good cure for acne, where the extract is mixed with little amount of water and applied on the problem areas with the help of cotton.

Grapefruit extract

Practicing this remedy thrice in a day would immensely help in getting rid of acne soon and successfully. One of the best acne cures is water. Drinking around two to three litres of water daily would prove to be massively helpful in getting a clean and well hydrated skin, where intake of lots of water would help in disposing off all the toxins from the body, hence helping to augment the health of skin.

Drink water