3 Most Powerful Body Weight Exercises

Not every one of us gets to hit the gym everyday, as work and family pressure may creep into our daily lives not giving us that extra time to go all the way to a gym and sporadically workout. But hey, that does not mean that you can slog off the day without getting physically active.

You don’t really require weights to attain a good physique. There are a ton of bodyweight exercises that can be done at home itself and three of them stand out amongst the rest of the lot.

Always and I mean always begin your workout with a warm up because you can risk an injury by not warming up before beginning any form of exercise.

1. Pushups – Yes, the classic pushups will build up your pectoral, that is, the chest muscles in time. The process maybe a bit slow but eventually you will have a toned chest if you keep working out with it.

2. Squats – This exercise is more of an overall workout, it will really work your legs out, your waist and improve your sense of balance as a whole.

3. Dips – This one will seriously work your triceps and shoulders and really tone your upper body.

Keep increasing the number of counts and repetitions
that you do as this will help increase your strength and build muscle. Variations of these three exercises are there in plenty and must be incorporated into your training routine as this will help you not fall into a routine because falling into a routine may cause you to lose interest and you may eventually give up the whole idea of working out.

The best part about bodyweight exercises is that they can be done anywhere and anytime, so working out even if you are out of town is possible.
But doing only these exercises isn’t going to help you in the long run either. What you must aim to achieve is greater endurance and stamina, so go running or cycling.

Get your heart pumping harder and faster. As you aim for achieving that, your fitness levels will gradually rise and you’ll see your body getting toned and well shaped with consistent workouts.