3 Ways To Prevent Cardiac Disease

Cardiac disease is one of the common problems faced by many today. While some factors causing this problem are truly beyond your control, others can and should be controlled. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the perfect way to prevent occurrence of any heart related problems. Following are three main ways by which you can definitely save yourself from health problems of the heart.

Balanced Diet And Weight Management

One of the simplest ways to prevent cardiac disease is to eat healthy foods that prevent it and avoid those that accelerate problems of the heart. This includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, certain fish, lean meat, protein rich foods etc while avoiding foods rich in Trans fat or saturated fats. While the former actually help prevent heart problems, foods rich in Trans fat and saturated fats actively cause it. An allied factor to be considered is your weight as excessive weight can cause heart problems. Calculating your body mass index or BMI will help ascertain your true weight based on your height as well as the amount that is present as fats.

Regular Exercise And Workout

A healthy body automatically leads to a healthy heart. Under the circumstances, if you are looking to prevent cardiac disease, then the best way to do so would be through exercise. Regular exercise for 30 minutes to an hour is enough to maintain a healthy heart. It is important to note that weight management and weight loss automatically occurs during exercise, which again helps control and prevent heart related problems. Small activities like housekeeping, walking your dog, taking the stairs also contribute to the overall exercise count. However, it is best to keep changing the intensity of the exercise along with the duration and frequency to maintain a healthy body.

Avoid Bad Habits Like Smoking

One of the major reasons for cardiac disease is smoking or the use of tobacco. Quitting this habit is the best way to prevent it. The reason for this is that the nicotine in the tobacco causes your arteries to narrow, ultimately damaging your heart and blood vessels.

In addition to following these three basic steps, make sure you have regular health screenings or checkups as these are essential to prevent cardiac disease.