3 Ways To Relieve Foot Stress

Foot pain or stress is one of the commonest problems faced by many today. Long hours of standing, improper footwear, over indulgence in exercise as well as medical conditions are all common causes of such pain or stress in the feet.

Whilst it cannot be prevented in certain cases, there are several ways in which you can relieve foot stress. Following are three simple ways in which you can relieve the stress in your feet.

Simple Pedicure or soaking your feet

Pampering your feet regularly will help alleviate foot stress. In other words, regularly soak your feet after cleansing them in warm water, to which lemon slices have been added.

Scrub your feet with a good foot scrub after soaking it for ten minutes. Apply a good moisturizer by massaging it into the skin. Rinse and pat dry while removing any excessive nails. Doing so regularly will help relieve stress of the foot.

Paraffin Therapy

This is akin to normal pedicure except that it uses paraffin to soften the skin, stimulate blood circulation and strengthen the nails. In this method to relieve foot stress, feet are dipped into oil based paraffin and then covered in plastic and then a towel to keep warm.

The wax cover is kept on the feet for nearly 15 minutes, after which a regular pedicure follows. It is believed that wax acts as a real stress buster.

Podiatry pedicure and Reflection therapy

Two easy ways to relieve foot stress is podiatry pedicure and reflection. The former is specialized pedicure treatment which deals in the aesthetics, health and welfare of the individual simultaneously. Medical techniques are combined with massage therapy and normal pedicure practices to relieve the excessive pain and stress in the foot region.

Reflection, on the other hand, involves massaging the nerve points before actual administration of pedicure. This results in relieving stress and enabling proper circulation of blood in the body.

Additionally, it helps drainage of the lymph nodes, reduces toxins in the blood while improving the immune system. Ultimately, this therapy reduces overall stress and calms your mind, relieving you of all pain.

It is important to understand that foot stress is not a major problem but can be easily resolved by using these simple methods. However, if you were to leave it unattended, it could lead to severe problems of the foot.