4 Signs Of Pregnancy

Wow! I am pregnant! This is the feeling that almost all the women want to enjoy. Both the expecting lady and her family members feel very delighted when they come to know about the arrival of a little one in the family.

There are certain cases, in which a woman might be unaware that she is pregnant. This kind of thing can be really risky for both mother and baby.

It is very important for a woman to have proper knowledge with respect to her pregnancy, so that the health of both baby and mother is maintained. Here we are going to discuss about four signs of pregnancy, which would help in determining whether you are pregnant or not.

One of the first signs of pregnancy is missed period. The menstrual cycle of one woman may differ from that of the other. In normal cases, the period may come in every twenty eight days.

However, in some cases, the period may be irregular and may come once in two months, or twice in a month. Women with regular menstrual cycle should immediately go for a pregnancy test, in case they miss the period. In case of women with irregular periods, a missed period may not necessarily be pregnancy. However, they should go for a pregnancy test, in case they notice two missed periods.

A growth in breasts can be an indication of pregnancy. A little increase in the size of breast may indicate pregnancy. Also, you may notice that your breasts are too sensitive to feel and touch.

Spotting can also be a sign of pregnancy
. Remember that spotting and period are entirely different things. Period lasts for around a week and persists throughout the entire day. However, in case of spotting you may see little bleeding which may last for just two to three minutes. If you notice any sign of spotting, you should immediately go to the doctor.

Craving for certain foods is also an indication of pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman may like to eat something that she may not have eaten for a long time period. She may be willing to eat more of spicy and delicious foods.