5 Exercise Tips For Females In Old Age


Those who are in the golden years of their 70s think that the days for exercising are over for them. But you must know that exercising in these years of your life can make you gain life span and also let you stay healthy.

For you exercising is also must to stay away from constrains that you face commonly in these days. As an old lady you should never jump to start an exercising regime, rather go for visiting a trainer who will guide you with the right exercising tips for your age.

There are some simple tips of exercising for these old ladies that can make them really get great health at this age also. Do follow them for the right effect on the body.

Discuss full Medical History with the Physical Instructor before starting
At your age staying completely fit is a real problem and while reaching this age many of you must have gone through operations or surgeries because of medical problems and many of you must be suffering from diseases like arthritis, diabetics, heart problems etc.

While starting a new exercising regime you go for a medical check-up and then discuss the medical history with the doctor. If he suggests then go for a physical trainer to guide you with the right exercises.

You may not be allowed to start heavy exercising in the first go but as and when you become comfortable you will be allowed to follow the exercises gradually. Still there will be restrictions which you need to follow carefully in order to stay healthy.

Minimize Impact

At the age of 75 the problem of joint is very common and especially for women who are very easily affected with osteoporosis. So, you must be careful in minimizing the impact that is associated with the exercising program.

For cardiovascular exercising you must go for considering the knee joints. This reminds that you must avoid going for activities like jogging, swimming, stationary bike and elliptical trainer. Go for low impact techniques but make sure that you are avoiding the wear and tear damage.

This way the activities will help you in making the bones strong and avoid their damage. According to a research it has been seen that a lady who is physically less active looses three times of the bone mineral than the active women. So, indeed exercising is real good for your bones but obviously with proper care. The impact controlling is done rightly with the help of the trainer.

Restrained Intensity

Cardiovascular is another problem where you need to concentrate at this age. So, your intensity must be very moderate or restrained here. The aerobic exercises that you pursue must be designed keeping this in mind only. Failing to control your intensity can cause serious emergency like a heart attack also.

While you will be performing aerobic exercises your aim should be to increase the duration and the frequency very gradually. It’s ok to break the sweat! If you are getting any discomfort or any signs of hypertension then go for making the intensity less.

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These signs of discomfort may be the signals to slow down the exercising process. The exercising rightly can be performed easily with the help of the trainer as they know what is right for your age and your body. Go for a trainer who is having regular dealings with older clients.

Go in for Yoga and Pranayam

At your age going for hard machine related exercising like cycling or running can be really tough where as performing yoga can be really relaxing as well as easy. The breathing exercising and meditation exercises in yoga are a very good way to make the cardiovascular system work properly. The best part about yoga is that there are no side effects if it is done in the right manner.

Yoga can give you long term relief if done regularly in the proper way. This can make you gain flexibility also. Yoga is known to give inner strength and make you stay healthy for long. Make sure that heart diseases can be easily controlled with the help of the Yoga. Go for a yoga trainer that can guide you with the right direction and steps for your age.

Proper Training for Resistance

It is very commonly said that weight training is best for the young generation. But this is not actually the truth. Resistance training if done properly can be the right one for you in the later stages of your life also. For an old woman around the age of 75 undertaking weight training can make her resistance power grow.

Going for resistance training with proper training at least once or twice a week is very good. Try to go for at least 12 repetitions of the exercising with weights. There is no need to go for high intensity and get tempted to get quick results as in lower density also you can get very good results.

In the starting go for fixed tracks and machines with much less risk of injury. As and when you start becoming comfortable go for higher resistance. Trying free weights is also a very good idea. Try to do it under strict provision of the instructor and in slow motion.

Exercising at your age will have many kinds of restrictions and physical barrier but at the same time exercising for women at the age of 75 is also needed as it is helpful for her to gain fitness and stay away from any new diseases.

You can also learn to live with the pains of arthritis and restrictions of life if you follow proper exercising regime as this will not only give you physical fitness but also mental fitness. Your total dedication will take a new shape with this.

If proper exercising routine is followed for years it will enhance your life span and make rest of the days of your life full of joy, fun and activity! So follow the above tips and just see and feel the change in your body.

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