5 Ways To Slow Down Aging- Anti Wrinkle Strategy

After 30’s the skin begins to lose its elasticity gradually ,giving way to fine lines which eventually turns into wrinkles.
The skin loses its glow becoming dull; with negligence you develop age spots, patches of pigmented skin which are all the signs of aging. You may attempt in vain to hide the flaws with makeup. But you can retain your youthful looks with 5 simple anti-aging strategies; the results can simply amaze you.

Indulge in antioxidants

The first and foremost is to follow a healthy diet. Nowadays antioxidants are the buzz word whether it is for health or for beauty. Research has shown that, how potent the antioxidants are to keep the cells from oxidative damage and cellular degeneration which results in wrinkles and unhealthy skin texture. All yellow and greens, berries, purple grapes, chocolates etc are rich in antioxidants.

Wear sunscreen

When you are over exposed to sun, UV rays damages the skin leading to pre-mature aging. It also leads to freckles and age spots. Protect your skin with sunscreen with SPF 15 or more even though you are not under the blazing sun.

Exfoliate the skin

Exfoliation is very essential to rejuvenate the skin. When you are exposed to the outside atmosphere,the skin accumulates grime and dust, thus the skin looks dull. Inculcate a healthy regime of exfoliating the skin weekly once, it helps to bring blood flow and oxygen to the surface of the skin and keeps aging at bay.

Pamper the skin with facial

A great way to treat the skin is through the facial. It gives the face a beautiful glow and a clear complexion. It detoxifies,hydrates and provides a deep cleansing action. It boosts circulation and stimulates the skin,one of the best treatment to counter pre- mature aging and to beat wrinkles before they occur. There are many different facials to cater to your skin, choose the one ideal for your skin texture.

Use nighttime moisturizer and sleep well

You need good sleep for the skin to look healthy and fresh. The skin renews itself when we sleep. Use nighttime moisturizer that will restore hydration to your skin . When you keep the skin well hydrated , it slows down the signs of aging.
Devote a little time to care for the skin , you will look young much beyond your age with a radiant complexion.