6 Effective Tips To Stop Indigestion During Pregnancy


One of the most common pregnancy related problem is that of indigestion and a weak gastrointestinal system. With the advancement of pregnancy, the size of the uterus bulges to accommodate the baby in the womb. This puts excess pressure on the stomach leading to discomforts like acidity, indigestion and heart burn.

Indigestion can often give sleepless nights to the expecting mother. This discomfort may trouble you throughout the day, but it is more common in the night after the last meal of the day.

Indigestion during pregnancy can really take a toll on your health as your doctor will not prescribe any medicine for this. However, it can be treated without medicine, with the help of some lifestyle changes and natural cures.

Here Are A Few Effective Tips To Cure Pregnancy Indigestion:

Take small meals throughout the day, spaced at regular intervals. Never ever sit down to have a huge meal. It will surely cause indigestion and acidity. Smaller and light meals get digested even before you come to know. They help you feel light throughout the day. Take lots of fiber and fluids for quick digestion and to get rid of constipation too.

Fiber is the best remedy for a strong gastrointestinal system. Also intake of fluids will help flush out the toxins in the body and will help you detoxify and cleanse the system. Apart from water and juices, have plenty of Green tea and other herbal teas to provide good nutrients to the body in a natural way.

Take a walk religiously every day after the last meal. It will help you digest the food soon and would make sure that you sleep well without any discomfort or heaviness. A mild walk of even 15 minutes can make a huge difference in your digestion. The idea behind this is to stay active for some time after dinner.

Avoid lying down immediately after any meal to avoid gastric reflux. Avoid heavy and greasy food especially during last trimester. Oily and processed food will take a lot of time to digest and will surely give you a tough time.

It may also cause acidity and heart burn especially during the night time. Also avoid gas causing foods such as heavy lentils, legumes, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and a few other vegetables.

Change your sleeping posture in the night to lessen the physical discomfort. Putting one or two soft pillows under your head can prevent the reflux and make you sleep better. Or better would be to raise the head post of the bed by placing bricks or a few books under it so that your head can be propped up in the night to prevent heart burn.

Try some natural remedies for indigestion as you cannot afford to take any medication at this point of time. Fennel seeds, carom seeds and ginger are some of the best remedies to cure indigestion. Fennel is a natural antacid that provides relief from acidity and indigestion.

Natural probiotics like curd and yogurt would also help reduce the symptoms of indigestion. A cup of cold milk will also do wonders for acidity and gastric reflux.