6 Great Tips On Skin Care For Menopause


Menopause is a time when a woman’s ovaries become less functional and the estrogen level reduces in the body. Menopause generally hits women in their 40s or 50s depending on the hormone level and physical health.

As the level of estrogen comes down, with it come hoards of other physical and emotional changes in a woman’s body, some of which are not so pleasant. A menopausal woman may experience hot flashes, moodiness, irritability, changes in skin, appearance and dullness etc.

At the time of menopause your skin is the first organ to bear the hormonal consequences. It becomes rough, dry and dehydrated. It becomes extremely important to take care of skin at the time of menopause as the hormones are no longer working for skin health. Here are a few interesting tips to care of your skin during menopause.

Keep Skin Hydrated

Since dehydration and dryness is the first sign of a menopausal skin, it is important to take care of your skin’s hydration level when you hit menopause. The skin dryness is attributed to dipping estrogen levels in the body. Make sure to take plenty of fluids in your body including water to keep the skin hydrated.

Fatty Acids And Essential Fats

Omega 3 fatty acids play a big role this time in maintaining the smoothness and suppleness of your skin. Make sure to take them in the form of supplements if you are not a fish eater.

Other sources of fatty acids apart from fish are walnuts, nuts and flax seeds. Also intake of edible oils is very good for your skin as they make it smooth and supple.

Stay Away From Chemical Based Cosmetics

Use natural products and do not allow strong cosmetics on the skin. For washing and cleaning the skin use a mild soap or a cleanser. Natural products like olive oil, petroleum jelly, milk cream, glycerin will do wonders for your skin health.

Make Sunscreen A Habit

Apply a good quality sunscreen before stepping out in the sun as a rule. Choose your sunscreen wisely. Using a sunscreen with SPF 20 or above will be effective than the ones with lower SPF. Avoid long exposure to sun as it may lead to a dry skin, moles formation and even increase the tendency of skin cancer.

Cleaning And Exfoliation Routine

Follow a healthy skin care regimen of cleaning, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing. Clean your face every day with a mild, chemical free soap. Use a natural scrub or exfoliating agent to scrub away the dead skin cells.

This should be followed by using a good skin tonic like rose water and then a mild and rich moisturizer for the skin. This simple but basic skin care routine will do wonders for your skin even at the menopausal stage.

Foods To Elevate Estrogen Levels

yes, there are certain foods that would surely elevate the estrogen levels in your body. These wonder foods are garlic, soya beans and soy products, wheat, yam, corn, olive oil, peas, alfalfa, papaya and flax seeds. Consuming them on a regular basis would surely give good results and make your skin regain its youthfulness.