6 Tips For Oily Skin Care


People with oily skin mostly experience 2 problems: breakouts and difficulty in maintaining the preferred look with makeup. 

These problems usually occur because of the excessive oil secreted by the skin, which blocks the pores of skin. With the following 6 tips for oily skin care you can reduce the chances of breakouts and can improve your look as well.

Tip 1:

Owners of oily skin usually make a blunder mistake of using a harsh cleanser for cleaning their oily skin. If you too do this then please avoid it now onwards. These harsh cleansers contain chemical additives, which produce drying effect on your skin resulting in an oilier skin. You must choose a cleanser on which it is specifically mentioned that it is meant for oily skin.

Tip 2:

Another tip for oily skin care is to avoid excessive cleaning of skin. Excessive cleaning is more likely to result in excessive drying of skin, which will make your oil glands to work more thus making your skin more oily. Wash your face using a gentle cleanser twice daily (morning and night). In between, you can make use of tissue papers to wipe off the excess oil from your face gently.

Tip 3:

Using skin care products for your skin is important but to use the right kind of skin care products is more important. Skincare products that you make use of should match your skin type. Nowadays, alcohol is used generously in most skin care products, which produces drying effect on skin. While choosing a skin care product for your oily skin you should take care not to choose products that contain alcohol.

Tip 4:

Hot showers can be another culprit causing skin dryness. So another useful tip for oily skin is to avoid very hot showers. Keep the showers short and use water with temperature that is easily bearable to your skin. After shower, do not forget to moisturize your skin.

Tip 5:

A great tip for oily skin is to consume a healthy diet. Your diet should not include foods that are high in sugar content. Sugar can activate your hormones, which can have negative impact on your skin.

Tip 6:

Include fish in your diet. Eat at least 3 to 4 servings of fish in a week for healthy skin. You can also take fish oil supplement.