7 Tips To Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks


Besides unlimited joy and happiness, pregnancy brings many downsides; stretch marks are one among these downsides. They are common in about half of the pregnant women while other are remains save from these marks.

Stretch marks appears in later stages of pregnancy in purple or red colors on the specific areas of body like abdomen, breast, thighs and buttocks, color of these marks will disappear after pregnancy but the marks will not, as these marks are often unsightly and permanent.

The reason for these pigmented marks is rapid stretching of the elastic tissues just underneath your skin. There are some suggestions that can minimize these marks.

Maintain Healthy Weight Gain

Be careful about your diet to maintain healthy weight under certain limits. Eat foods contains protein, vitamins minerals and calcium; fruits and vegetables are the resources for these nutrients whole grains. Avoid foods like fried, fast and rich foods, which accumulate fats in your body.

If you are gaing lots of fat, your body will have to stretch to accumulate that amount of fat, which will simply result in stretch marks. Therefore to avoid stretch marks, avoid excess weight gain. Keep your weight within normal ranges to see your height and build.

Moisturize Skin

Keep your body moisturized by apply creams, slaves and natural oils; such as olive oil, wheat germ oil, cocoa butter or lanoline, these creams and oil are available in market specially for prevention of stretch marks, oils and creams may prevent stretch marks by keeping body moist and soft, they are also helpful to relief from itching that is felt on growing belly.

Drink Lots Of Water

Water deficiency in your body may become the reason for stretch marks, keep your body hydrated, drink at least 8 glasses of water daily, besides keeping skin hydrated, water will also flush away toxin.

Avoid Sun Rays

Prevent your skin from sun rays; apply sun care lotion 15 minutes before you go out side, sun rays take away moisture from your skin and make it dry, dry skin can get stretch marks more likely than moist, as wall as try to be in cool weather, besides taking hot bath.

Use Body Brush While Bathing

For bathing, use body brush to stimulate blood circulation, circulation will increase blood flow along with dispersion of water and nutrients to the skin cell.

Keep Prevention Continue

Keep continue prevention treatments for stretch marks even after delivery, as it is observed that after delivery some women gain weight at rapid rate, which also causes stretch marks.

Consult To Dermatologist

Consult to dermatologist about reducing and preventing stretch marks, he/she may prescribe you 0.1 percent treintion (Retin-a) cream to reduce stretch marks, or may suggest you therapy which can reduce pigmentation or stretch marks, it can also increase elasticity by increasing collagen.

Try the best to prevent stretch marks before they appear, if they have appeared, you can minimize the appearance with tips and suggestions, we defined above, Keep in mind, in many cases stretch marks are genetic, if in your case they are genetic, these tips will work a little to prevent them.