Abs Workout For Women

Want great looking abs and a sexy well toned body? Abdominal exercises help in cutting down the fat around the stomach while strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Sedentary lifestyle and an improper diet are some of the primary causes of abdominal fat in women. With simple abs workout it is easy to get back and stay in shape. One of the best routines for toning abs is abdominal crunches. For this exercise start out by lying with your back on the floor and then bend your knees.

Keeping your hands below the head, raise the upper part of your body so that the shoulders touch the knees. Hold the position for some time and then resume your position. Do ten to fifteen reps and then increase this after a week or so for beautiful toned abs.

You can also try sit up exercises for toning abdominal muscles. For alternate sit ups lie on the floor while starching you hands on either side. Then raise the upper part of the body and with the left hand touch the right feet. Resume position after a few seconds and then raise your torso again and touch the left feet with your right hand. Continue this exercise as many times as you are comfortable.

Leg raises are a great abdominal exercise that women can try at home. For doing this abs workout lie flat on a mat and the press your hands by the side. Ensure that your back is firmly on the ground before lifting one leg off the floor. Hold this position for six to eight minutes and then return to position. Then do the same for the other leg. You can also try double leg raise by lifting both the feet at the same time and then holding the position.

Another great abdominal exercise is bicycle exercise which helps in toning the abdomen and waistline. Lie flat on the floor and then place both your hands under your head. Now fold both your legs and bring it as close to your chest as possible. Slightly lift your shoulders and perform a pedaling motion with both your legs. Do this fifteen to twenty times and then repeat.

Remember that when choosing abdominal workouts it is best to opt for two to three exercises that you are comfortable with. Start off with minimum repetitions and then gradually increase your number of reps over a period of time. For people with any health issues it is best to take some professional guidance before doing any exercise.