Acid Reflux Diet


Acid reflux is a common problem suffered by people worldwide. This problem occurs when the acids present in the stomach enter the esophagus. This mainly happens when the valve separating the esophagus from the stomach is unable to close appropriately.

Acid Reflux DietThese acids that enter the mouth are very strong and hence can cause injury to the walls of esophagus. You may wonder why these acids do not injure the walls of our stomach! It is simply because our stomach’s wall has a special protective lining.

When you suffer from severe acid reflux, you may get pain in the chest region. It is wise to prevent acid reflux by taking appropriate measures. An important role is played by our diet in preventing as well as treating acid reflux.

Acid reflux diet avoids certain foods that cause excess acids in the stomach and includes the foods that do not produce harmful acids. This way the sufferer is able to manage his condition. Some useful guidelines on acid reflux diet have been given below.

Consumption of caffeinated beverages including tea, coffee, coke green tea, etc should be restricted. In case of severe acid reflux, these foods must be completely avoided for some days. Sodas are also known to trigger acid reflux. So you must avoid drinking sodas every frequently. Alcoholic beverages lead to the weakening of the lower esophageal sphincter muscle. You must eliminate these beverages from your daily diet.

teaAnother important suggestion included in an acid reflux diet is that the patient should avoid overeating. Do not be tempted by the tasty foods and do not overeat as it will cause your stomach to extend, which in turn would relax the esophagus valve and cause acid reflux.

You must avoid eating too fast because when you eat fast, more air is swallowed along with your foods. Also, if you don’t chew your food properly, you will produce more acid in your stomach which in turn would lead to more problems.

Some foods to be avoided in case of an acid reflux diet are high acid vegetables such as raw onions and tomatoes, chocolate, fatty foods like high fat dairy products, high fat meats and fried foods, garlic, spear mint and peppermint. Pepper and chilli peppers should not be consumed as they may irritate the injured lining of esophagus.Avoid eating the food that aggravates your acid reflux problem.