Activities To Be In Shape In Monsoon

Staying Fit

Staying fit is the latest fad amongst all, be it any season. Weather hardly affects their fitness regimen. But what if it is monsoon season and it is raining cats and dogs when you want to go for a walk, or for cycling or for any other cardio exercise in the park according to your daily routine. Now it is very difficult for you to move out as you will get drenched in rain. With the arrival of monsoon it is not just your daily exercise routine which gets disturbed but the eating habits also help you in piling up lots of calories. The reason being as you see rain pouring your tummy starts asking for some delicious pakoras with hot coffee or the tendency to snack aggravates, thus leading to weight gain.

Staying Fit


So why not look out for some activities at home which are fun and will help you in staying in shape during monsoon, so that next time you do not feel lethargic or monotonous with the onset of monsoons. Rather you would eagerly wait for them t arrive so that you can have some fun with rain and enjoy those hot and spicy pakoras too.

These fun activities which can be performed at home only will make you feel energised and active as they will pump the endorphins, the feel good hormones in your body. Thus these activities will keep you on your toes in the rainy season so that you will not miss your gym. Let us explore and take a look at these workouts which will keep you fit in the monsoon.

Get Involved In Household Chores

Don’t you feel that this is a brilliant idea to break the monotony of the rainy season? You can finish the cleaning part of your house, which you must be piling up for festival time .So why not do it in advance before the scheduled period of festival. This will give you more time to spend on shopping and with your family and guests during the festive season.

This way your house will also get cleaned. While trying to do the household chores choose some which require enough stretching and bending so that all the muscles get exercised nicely. Like cleaning all the corners of your house which maids generally forget to do.

You can involve the kids and your spouse too in these chores so that it becomes a nice fun activity for the whole family. This will give your house maid some rest and she will be thankful to you. Household chores like wiping the floor, cleaning eth dishes, ironing the clothes or dusting etc. consume energy and thus help you in keeping fit also.

Clean The House

Do The Dancing

Since you must be craving for a close dance with your partner for a long time so why not use the rainy season for the best. Just grab your spouse and play some sexy and turn on music and start dancing. This will give you some time together with him and since you are within the confines of your house you can dance without any hitch.

Dancing is a great cardio exercise which helps in burning many calories, so you will stretch all the muscles and have a good time also with your partner. This way you will not have to worry about your dance steps and it will be a great fun activity which will help you to be in shape in monsoon.

Do The Dancing

Use Stairs As Much As You Can

Since the binging on fatty foods and drinks increases during the rainy season, so it is important that we burn as many calories as we eat. This way there will be no chances of putting on those extra kilos. The best way to do so is to climb up the stairs.

If you live in the duplex house then nothing like it, you have the best workout machine in your house and you just need to get on that machine that is the stairs. You can have fun by climbing up and down the stairs or you can play some game with kids on the stairs.

This will not only help in losing weight but will equate to all the work outs that you would have done in the gym. If you live in a flat then that is the best thing, just take ten rounds up and down the stairs of your building and feel the endorphins kicking your blood. This will provide you great energy and you will stay fit also.

Use Stairs

Get Into Play Mode

Be it the kids or pets if you have any in the house then just hitting the play mode button is all you need to exhaust all your energy. All the kids’ games and rolling activities you will do with them in the house or in the garden will make you dead beat by the end of the day.

You can same way have fun with your pets too to get that dog tired feeling. If possible bring a small basket ball net and a basket ball which you can play inside your house only without damaging the household items. This will be a real time fun for the whole family and will keep you on your toes too.

Get Into Play Mode

Build Up An Indoor Gym

So what if you are not able to hit the gym, why not build up your own in the house itself? It is not necessary that you have to buy all the machines it will be a bit expensive on your pocket. Just choose which activity you enjoy the most like if you like walking then invest on buying a nice treadmill and then whenever you like you can enjoy a nice stroll on treadmill with the music of the rain drops.

Build An Indoor Gym

Go Green

If you are fond of planting trees then you can develop an indoor garden and by doing the gardening work you will enjoy the time spent with plants and the company of beautiful flowers too. Bring some small flower pots and plant flowering plants. This will help you in staying close to nature and this activity will keep you busy also during the rainy season.

Go Green