Aloe vera For Skin Care

Aloe vera, is an evergreen plant belonging to the lily family .It is found to have many medicinal properties. Aloe vera is a low maintenance plant and can easily be grown in your kitchen garden. Aloe vera contains a gel which can be obtained by split opening its leaf. This gel is believed to have many healing properties and is very effective in skin care. The most important benefit of using Aloe vera is that since it is completely natural, there is no need of fear of side effects .These properties of Aloe vera is being used in many skin care creams and cosmetics.

Skin Care Properties

Regular application of Aloe vera gel promises in giving you a smooth skin. The antibacterial action of Aloe vera is found helpful in fighting acne. Cleansing agents presents in the gel clears the dust and dirt on the skin. Aloe vera also helps in fighting the very common acne problem. It is recommended to apply Aloe vera gel twice a day on the affected areas. This will help in getting rid of redness, flaky skin and swelling of the skin. Aloe vera gel is also found effective in removing the excess oil in the face. Its antiseptic property is made used in treating insect bites and mild burns.

Aloe Vera as a Component of Skin Care Products

Skin care products made from Aloe vera helps in increasing oxygen availability to the skin and thereby strengthen the skin. Aloe vera contains magnesium lactate. This component prevents itching of the skin caused due to insect bites and rashes. Aloe vera stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which helps the skin to retain its smoothness and elasticity. Therefore Aloe vera is used as a major component of anti aging and anti wrinkle products. In skin care lotions along with Aloe vera vitamin E is also added for providing best results. It also lightens dark spots and reduces pigmentation making it an important component of fairness creams. Usage of cosmetics containing Aloe vera is found to restore the pH required for healthy skin preventing acne and blemishes formation and is also found to increase the skin’s rehydrating property.

The uses of Aloe vera in skin care and treatment is varied. It is cheap and easily available and is a product which can guarantee the best of results for your skin.