Anorexia – The Wrong Weight Loss Method

In today’s world, being slim and looking good and attractive is of utmost importance to most women.

In fact, this trend actually starts from the teenage years itself, when a girl starts turning into a woman, and becomes more and more conscious about fashion trends, her looks, and ensuring that she looks her attractive best. For all this, reducing weight becomes the most important criterion, and for that, many people often fall into the wrong category – Anorexia.

Anorexia is basically a kind of psychological disorder in which a person feels that he/she is excessively fat and that he/she needs to reduce weight.Such people are so convinced with their own idea of losing weight, that they don’t even believe the results given by weighing machines, telling them that their weight is actually fine. Such people stop eating altogether, and think that starving is the best of getting thin. Unfortunately, in doing so, they become weak because of not consuming any food at all.

An increasing number of people today are following this technique of weight loss, which is extremely dangerous and unhealthy. In fact, it is actually life threatening. Food is the fuel on which our body runs, and Anorexics deny this main basic element to their body. They find even basic food items such as bread or rice to be full of calories.

To help get rid of this problem, it is important to consult a therapist or a psychiatrist, who infuses some positive thoughts and motivation into the person, telling him/her that he/she looks great just the way he/she is.

And if losing weight is very important to that person, then psychiatrists often work in combination with dieticians to work out a special diet plan for such Anorexia patients, so that the aim of weight loss, as well removal of the mental block are both achieved.

It is important for parents to watch out for signs of Anorexia in their kids, especially teenage girls. Anorexia is one of the most dangerous phenomena affecting our society these days, all thanks to the concepts of Size Zero models, and the tempting glamour industry which brainwashes people.