Answers for Skin Allergies

Allergies are generally caused by the growing industrial pollution nowadays, or as a result of using dirty public toilets and transport. They can also be because of consumption of unhygienic food, your floor disinfectant or by a chemical reaction of your clothes’ detergent with your skin.

Since there can be many reasons of these problems, this article brings you inexpensive and easy made-at-home answers for skin allergies. They must never be overlooked or left ignored for a long time, otherwise they will spread. Take care of them before they get worse.

Heat coupled with sweat can make rashes appear on your skin. On no account should a rash be scratched because that will make it harder to treat it. So, babies and children (who can even rub till the rash starts bleeding) should be especially supervised not to give in to the irritation of the skin. Lukewarm coconut oil can be a helpful healing option. Use it regularly to kill the germs in the wound. Keep cleaning the irritated area with a soft and moist fabric. Or a mild soap can also be considered.

One of the best answers for skin allergies of a moist nature is to bathe it in starchy water. Mix starch and cold water in a 1:3 ratio and then pour it in ½ liter of boiled water and stir. One can use either potato or rice starch while making this bath.

Keep the problem area clean at all times. Leaving it open is also advisable, because fresh air speeds up the healing process of the rash. In case of babies, discontinue the use of diapers if the rash is in the lower region. Switch to cotton cloth. Avoid buildup of germs by wiping the area with cleansers or mild soap-water and then with just water. After this process, make sure it is dry. This will take care of the urge to itch the allergic area.

Nowadays, the market is flooding with various natural creams which are made of herbs which can control skin allergies. Herbal creams are always better than their chemical counter-parts. Any lotions / creams with neem and/ or tulsi in it are a safe and sound option. These ingredients have no side-effects and are the nature’s fast way of curing many types of allergies.