Arm Exercises For Women

Women love to have curvaceous abdomen and thighs so that they can flaunt their beautiful dresses. But meanwhile they tend to ignore their arms and do little to tone the muscles in arm.

A complete workout regime should consist of exercises for all parts of the body including arms. Toned triceps and biceps is very much a part of such exercise regime. Moreover you can flaunt your beautiful and senile arms by wearing fashionable dresses.

Arm exercises can be performed at your home with simple weight lifting objects or even household items which can serve as weights. You need not go to a gym and shell out huge bucks to tone your arms or buy expensive equipments.

Arm circle is a good exercise to tone your biceps, triceps and shoulders. To perform the exercise either stand straight or sit on a chair which does not have a backrest. Now place your arms parallel to the floor on each side of your body.

Keep the palms open so that they face the floor. Keep your arms straight and stretch them. Move your arms first in clockwise motion and then in anti-clockwise motion. Once you are able to carry out this exercise several times, make it harder by holding weight in your arm.

Bicep curls are quite effective especially for those who have heavy upper arms. First put your hands on your waist and stand straight. Keep your feet apart. Make a fist and raise your arms towards your chest by bending them at the elbow.

If you want to add resistance to this exercise, you can make use of light weights or even use bottles with water as weights. When the weights become easy to handle, go for heavier objects.

Triceps dips strengthen and tones the triceps muscles. Sit on a chair at the edge. Push your legs outwards while holding the chair with your arms for support. Slowly rise from the chair by putting the weight on your arms.

Then lower your body back on the chair. Be very careful or else you can fall down as this exercise is difficult to perform at first. Repeat above mentioned exercises several times and you will notice the difference in your arms.