Aromatherapy and Yoga

Contributions of our five sensory organs namely, eyes, nose, ears, tongue and skin, make up what, we call our memories. Remembering a visual sight, a taste, a sound or even a smell are quite easier. But there are instances where one even remembers a touch. However, here we are not going to discuss about skin or touch but rather turn our attention to the nose or smell.

Aromatherapy, a very commonly used word these days, is a method of medication where the treatment is done primarily by the usage of our olfactory organ. A number of aromas in forms of oil, lotions or even candles are used for the treatment of certain health problems like stress, tensions, chronic pains etc.

As you have already guessed, we are certainly going to talk about Aromatherapy here, but then, that’s not all. We will combine it here with Yoga. You must be wondering how come the name of aromatherapy and yoga came to be pronounced in go breathe. Well, that not something so complicated. Give a careful read to this article and do find out.

It has almost become mandatory in our life to go for a holiday if not twice then once a year. And every time we plan our destination according to the kind of lifestyle we led throughout the year.

Since a holiday in a busy lifestyle like us is primarily because of relaxation, before planning we do think about how much stressful the life has been and how much I want to relax.

Last year being an utter stressful year for me, I promised myself a vacation full of relaxation and medication. Keeping that in mind I headed towards a Yoga retreat to calm down my palpitating nervous system.

I had an idea about yoga which is a form of exercise where the body reacts to the memory of number of poses and stretches. However, very little I know about a yoga retreat which does offer a combination of yoga and aromatherapy.

So, as soon as I came to know about it, I didn’t give a second thought before grasping the opportunity to experience that.Here, in this retreat, they treat the problems both with yoga as well as aroma. For example, doing a pose on bridge in a room full of the rose oil aroma make you work stresses to vanish at once. Again standing forward in lavender ambience gives you an incredible relaxation.

Likewise, Peppermint, sandalwood, cedar wood and what not, there was every kind of aroma present to give support to your yoga poses such that your body and mind experience an utter sense of relaxation.

Coming back to my own experience, I can say that I went to the retreat with a chronic back pain and when I returned I have almost forgot what was the spelling of it is. Back home I tried my hand on few aroma oils and yoga poses. However, once again I am promising myself one more yoga retreat for the next holiday and I will keep on promising till I am becoming an expert in it.

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