Avoid Slip Disc By Following Basic Posture Care

Posture Care To Avoid Slip Disc

Backache or pain in and around waist is the most common problem which generally women face more and after a certain age it is very much prevalent in women. Slip disc is the very commonly occurring in women the reason being their posture and while pregnancy the lower back is the most strained body part in women.

Posture Care To Avoid Slip Disc

This is the reason why women after pregnancy need to keep their posture correct be it while sleeping or walking or sitting. SO if you are suffering from back pain never ignore it the first thing you must do is get it checked with a good physiotherapist so that if there is any problem it should not aggravate rather he can detected the problem and tell you the right solution for it.

Know What Slip Disc Is

Slip disc is a common back ache problem which generally occurs due to picking up some heavy weight or sleeping in wrong posture. The pain starts from the lower back and travels to your feet and legs. Thus if you are suffering from slip disc then just check out any pain in your lower back , as it might result into severe problem of slip disc.

Slowly this pain travels to your feet and your legs start feeling the tingling sensation quite often which we commonly say that our legs have gone off to sleep. After walking for a short distance only you start feeling tired and you feel like taking rest.  Mainly the legs are not able to take the whole body weight or any kind of exertion. These all are the pre slip disc symptoms which if not taken care of will finally result in slip disc.

Backbone is the major part of the body which carries the whole body weight and balances the body weight too. The back bone is made up of several small pieces which join together to form our backbone which support and balance the whole body weight so that we can stand or walk properly.

Slip Disc

Through this string of bones pass various cushions like jelly filled cartilages which give cushioning to the back bones. If we feel any jerk all the jerks are absorbed by these jelly filled cartilages and prevent any type of damage to the back bone. These cartilages are found between every two back bone pieces. That is why they are called discs.

These discs if get displaced from their original position they exert pressure on the sciatica nerve. That is why there arrives great pain in lower back, thighs and legs. This pain is unbearable because the nerve gets stuck between two bones as the cushion or the disc has slipped from it original position.

If this pain is of very high intensity then you should immediately see a doctor, who will prescribe the right medicine, and give physiotherapy to ease out the pain. Otherwise this pain is of such high intensity that without pain killers you cannot bear it. Taking rest and medicine is the only way this pain reduces.

Doctors suggest that around 50-80 percent patients suffering from slip disc get relief after taking proper rest and talking special medicines for slip disc. There are many new researched medicines and physiotherapy also helps in taking off the pain from the lower back and legs. If you will visit a good physiotherapist and take regular rest then slip disc can be easily cured. New medicines are also very helpful in curing slip disc.

Take proper rest

Important Things To Remember If You Have Slip Disc

Never wear sandals or shoes with heel. Always wear flat sandals or slippers which make your feet feel comfortable. Heels exert a lot of strain on your back bone and thus aggravate the problem of slip disc.

Never sit at one place for a long time. In between keep on walking a few steps this will not stop the blood circulation in your legs and movement of legs will make them more active and blood circulation will improve.

Never participate in any sport without warming up. Warm up exercises prepare your body muscles and bones for heavy exercise so when you do strainful exercises or play any sport any kind of shocks or jerks are easily absorbed by the body without doing any major damage to the body.

Never pick heavy weights if you are suffering from slip disc and always take control of your weight excessive weight gain is another cause of slip disc because it becomes very difficult for legs to bear the whole body weight if you are obese.

Always stand, bend and sleep in right posture. Sleeping or bending or standing in wrong posture exerts pressure on your back bone thus causing damage and pain to your back bone.

Dont Wear Heels

How To Save Yourself From Slip Disc

Whenever you have to sit always choose a chair with straight back and never sit with hunch back as it will damage your back. While sitting on chair sit straight and if not able to sit straight take support of the back of the chair and let your whole back touch the back of the chair.

While picking up any heavy things from floor do not bend from the lower back portion. Always bend your knees and hips and keep your back straight, this posture is also called squatting. While picking up any heavy thing just squat and then pick.

DO not stand for long at one place in between take rest. While sleeping sleep on one side and bend your knees and keep a pillow between the knees this is the correct posture to relax your backbone while sleeping.

Save Yourself From Slip Disc

Exercises For Strengthening Back Bone

Lie on your back on floor and bend your knees with feet on floor. Now bring one knee towards your chest and hold it in this position for few seconds and come back to original position and now repeat the same thing with the other knee. Now bring both the knees together towards your chest. Lie flat on your back on the floor and put a pillow below the neck. Bend your elbows at 90 degree and slowly bring the lower leg on a chair by raising the legs.

Strengthening Back Bone

Surgical Cure For Slip Disc

In surgery for slip disc MRI is done and then a small cut is approx.15 mm is given in the affected area and then with the help of endoscopic microdisectomy operation is done. The patient can go back home next day. Doctors suggest that slip disc patients should always use belts and should put ice packs on back at least 3-4 times in a day and while lying they should always keep a pillow below their knees.

Surgical Cure