Ayurvedic Treatment Of Allergic Rhinitis

Statistics has it that Allergic Rhinitis is one of the commonest illnesses affecting tons of people.

Allergic RhinitisSince the recommended doses of steroids are undoubtedly replete with side effects, it is best to go for alternative cures and the good news is ayurveda is highly effective in treatment and prevention of this ailment.

Do not wait for that stuffy nose and that tasteless mouth to develop, start from today itself keeping in mind the age-old adage “Prevention is cure”. Every morning upon rising, sniff sesame oil by keeping it on the tip of your index finger. Make sure that you keep the other side of your nose tightly closed while sniffing. Do it for both the sides. Try to take steam weekly and daily at the time of season change.

Vacuum clean your house every day, change your sheets and pillow cover every two  to three days. This serves a long way in keeping dust mites and other allergen at bay.

sniff sesame oilYou can also take a decoction of ‘mulethi’, cloves, cinnamon and fennel boiled for 20-25 minutes every morning and night as a preventive measure. Note that you must take it as a treatment in case you are suffering from a bout of rhinitis at this point of time. You can also have ‘Chyawanprash’ on a daily basis. It is a very powerful antioxidant which helps in maintaining optimal health.

There are other treatment herbs too which you can take for curing the ailment. Take a teaspoon of ‘Sitopaladi’ with equal amount of honey every morning and night. And in case, you have an accompanying bad cough, try ‘vyoshadi bati’. All these medicines are easily available in ayurvedic health stores.

‘SitopaladiBut for preventive steps, eat healthy including lots of leafy green vegetables, dairy and legumes. A well balanced diet goes a far longer way in disease prevention than anything else.

Moreover, do stretching and breathing exercises like ‘pranayam’. It is best to learn these from a qualified yoga teacher for getting maximum benefits. Try to exercise early in the morning as this is when the air is freshest.

leafy green vegetablesAvoid going out in the evenings when pollution levels are very high. If you must, then avoid heavy traffic timings and routes on which traffic is bound to be very heavy.

Lastly, think positive. This goes a long way in preventing any disease. Research has also proven the mind-body link; people who suffer from depression or are highly stresses show a higher tendency towards development of allergies. So think positive, remain active and eat healthy to steer clear of rhinitis.

Avoid going out