Back Pain: Causes, Symptoms & Relief for your Aching Back

“Oh! My aching back” – how many times have you heard this phrase or even said it out aloud. Backache is one of the most common medical conditions prevalent today. A backpain symptom may come from structures in the spine including muscles, bones, nerves and joints.

Types of Backpain

Backpain can be either acute or a chronic. When the pain occurs due to an illness or injury, it is termed as acute. While an acute pain goes away after healing, a chronic pain remains and can last for several years. Chronic backpain can also affect other parts of the body.

Backpain Symptoms

Look out for these signs of backpain and consult your doctor depending on severity of pain.
• Short or prolonged pain in the back resulting from an injury or illness
• Sharp, piercing or burning sensation in the lower back area
• Pain extending to head, neck, arm or leg areas causing weakness, numbness or even diability
• Pain affecting other parts of the body like shoulder, abdomen, chest and pelvic

Causes of Backpain

Backpain can, sometimes, be difficult to treat. So understanding the cause of your pain is essential to ensure proper treatment. Injury resulting in a ruptured disc or illness like arthritis or osteoporosis can lead to backpain.

Obesity, sedentary living habits, poor posture, improper dietary habits, organ failure and even emotional stress can bring about muscle spasms that can result in backaches. While at times, there can be no specific cause for your aching back.

Backpain Relief

While most episodes of backpain can be resolved within a few weeks, some can turn out to be more severe. When you approach your health-care provider for relief from backpain, it is important to discuss your individual symptoms. This will help your doctor determine the right diagnostic and treatment plan for your condition.

When struck by a troublesome back, try these – avoid strain to your aching spine and get relief from ice, heat, and medications. If this does not reduce your pain, then seek help from your doctor.

Your physician’s treatment methods may include cortisone injections, electrical stimulation, surgery and specifically designed exercise programs or physiotherapy. You can also try alternative medications like acupuncture.

There are various treatment options available for every backpain symptom but will vary for individual conditions. While medications and therapy can alleviate your pain, it is imperative to pay careful attention to your back at all times.

Your pain may vanish within weeks or last into years. It is advisable to move quickly in the initial phase to avoid painful complications in the years to come.