Back Pain During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is followed by a lot of complication which includes back pain. Back pain is a very common problem during pregnancy and most pregnant women are reported to be suffering from back pain. Back pain occurs as a result of excessive pressure on the lower back.

This tends to increase with the growing size of the baby. As the baby grows in size, the belly sticks out more, causing strain to lower back muscles. Some women almost give up on back pain and start living with it.

But it is not at all healthy to live with any kind of pain during pregnancy as it might have a negative impact on you and your baby. By following a set of precautions you can effectively control and prevent back pain during pregnancy.

Women tend to slouch or walk with their belly pushed forward during pregnancy. It is certainly not intentional but such postures are the culprits behind your back pain. In order to get rid of back pain the first and foremost thing to remember is to maintain a good posture at all times.

It is a very difficult task but in order to get rid of your backache you will have to maintain the right posture. Always try to walk, sit and stand straight. Start practicing some stretching exercise for the back from the early stages of your pregnancy.

But be careful to not over strain yourself. This will solve half your problems. It is very important that you indulge in some amount of light physical activity throughout your pregnancy. This helps you keep fit and healthy and also improves the flexibility of your muscles.

The next most important thing is to sleep properly. You will have to sleep in a way that is comfortable for you as well as the muscles of your back. The best way to sleep during your pregnancy is to sleep on your side. You can also place some pillows between your legs for better comfort.

You can also try using the various accessories like a maternal back supporting belts to relax your back muscles. These tips will certainly help you get through a happy and pain free pregnancy.