Know About Some Basic Sinusitis Symptoms

An inflammation of the sinuses in the nasal cavity leads to sinusitis, which is caused either by an allergic reaction or infection. It is important to note that sinusitis can last for a few days or weeks and in some chronic cases even months.

Acute sinusitis is often caused through viral infections while chronic ones are the result of bacterial or fungal infection. Despite sinusitis symptoms not being common for all who suffer, following are some of the more common ones.

Pain in the Facial Region

One of the most common sinusitis symptoms is pain in the facial region. Pressure or pain is felt in the forehead as well as in the cheeks. People experiencing such pain feel the shift in pain when they move their heads sideways or press their face onto something.

Lying down does not reduce the pain but only shifts it to one side. It is common for such pain to be accompanied by toothache, ache behind the eyes, temples as well as on the top of the head.

Nasal Discharge

Nasal discharge, either yellow or green, can be stipulated as one of the common sinusitis symptoms. Whilst not all sufferers of sinusitis experience this discharge, it is considered a major symptom.

Alternatively, there could be blockage of the nose, which again is a symptom of sinusitis. Postnasal drip or draining of the sinuses into the throat is another common symptom of sinusitis. When this occurs, it could lead to bad breath, coughing, scratchy voice and inability to smell or taste.

Other symptoms

While the above two are the main sinusitis symptoms exhibited by most, there are other lesser known ones. These include symptoms like puffy eyes, stuffy ears, snoring, chronic cold, fatigue, chronic coughing accompanied by clearing of throat etc. Some patients also suffer from asthma, if they are prone to such attacks, due to the blocking of the sinuses.

It is important not to ignore any of these above sinusitis symptoms. In fact, it is advisable to get medical advice immediately on spotting any of the above symptoms. Alternatively, you could always use home remedies to help cure or prevent sinusitis. Leaving these symptoms unattended will lead to severe problems, which would include succumbing to other infections as well.