Beating Body Acne

Acne is basically the inflammation of skin due to the over production of sebum by the sebaceous glands deep within the skin. Many people think that acne or pimple occur only on the face. But this is wrong.

Acne can occur on your back, chest, neck, shoulders and your upper arms besides your face. Back acne is sometimes referred to as ‘bacne’. Whilst, body acne affects almost anyone from any age group or gender it is more severe in case of males.

The factors that trigger a break out of facial acne are responsible for body acne too – hyper active sebaceous glands, dirt, dead skin cells, which get trapped in the pores of the skin, and enhancing bacterial action on the skin. Your back and chest consists of more sebaceous glands and as such are more likely to witness a break out of acne besides the skin on your body tends to be thicker than the facial skin.

Sweat is one factor which may aggravate body acne and hence it is essential that you have a bath as soon as possible after you complete your day’s task or after a tiresome excursion. Make sure not to scrub your skin as that could cause even more irritation leading to more break outs.

Constant friction caused by tight fitting clothes too can cause acne on the body as it tends to rub or lay pressure the skin irritating it all the more. The measures used to combat body acne are the same as the ones for facial acne like washing it with products, which consist of ingredients like salicylic acid.

You can also wipe the area with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid pads. Thereafter, you can apply a body moisturizer which has alpha–hydroxy acid. These ingredients basically dry the skin, gently exfoliating it to give you a clear skin. However, the above treatments can only be used to treat mild acne conditions.

For a more severe breakout you may be provided with medication that includes oral antibiotics or even the topical application of isotretinoin like retinoid A. The skin around your back and chest is tougher and hence can bear more while the skin around the neck is a little bit sensitive and hence you have to be careful.