Beauty Tips To Stay Beautiful During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is exciting news for everyone. All are happy. Your spouse would be especially very happy hearing this news. The joy of arrival of a new born is welcomed with excitement but there are many beauty issues that arise with pregnancy.

Stretch marks, pregnancy acne, sagging breasts, weight gain are some health and beauty issues that pregnant women may have to face but with care and guidance these problems can be overcome. Many beauty tips have been passed down generations. These help women remain healthy and beautiful during and after pregnancy.

The sight of stretch marks creates a repulsive feeling in many. However the stretch marks occurrence can be reduced or prevented after giving birth. The best way to avoid stretch marks is to keep the skin moisturized from the beginning of pregnancy.

Application of specialized oils, cocoa butter and creams will leave the skin supple as you gain weight.  Drinking plenty of water will keep the skin moisturized and smooth and also help in not gaining excess weight.
With pregnancy hormonal changes are induced inside the body.

This may cause pregnancy related acne. To avoid acne, exfoliation of the skin is essential. Application of moisturizer is necessary if you have dry skin. Stay away from strong chemicals which may harm the skin when treating acne. However it is safe to consult an expert before treating and medicating your skin.

Skin blemishes, dark spots and melasma are a common occurrence among pregnant women. It is very important to have a healthy diet during pregnancy.

Avoid exposure to sunlight as these skin blemishes may get aggravated. Application of sunscreen can help you protect your skin. Drinking plenty of water will eliminate toxins and also help your body to function well and moisturize the skin.

Varicose veins are another bane of pregnancy. These spider veins which run across the legs cause lot of pain. Avoid standing for a long time. However they may disappear after pregnancy. Supplement your diet with vitamin C which is excellent for skin remedies. Take care to shed the extra kilos after giving birth with proper diet and exercise.