Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy limits the exercise options for women. Yoga is one of the best methods which help the expectant mother to remain healthy during a pregnancy. Prenatal yoga offers a lot of benefits to pregnant women and is gaining immense popularity worldwide.

Yoga is a great way to prepare the expectant mother for childbirth. It helps to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind throughout your pregnancy. It will also help you face the physical and emotional demands of labor as well as motherhood.

Prenatal yoga helps to alleviate all the discomforts caused due to pregnancy. Meditation helps to get rid of unwanted tensions, fears and anxieties of pregnancy. It is also seen to act as a very big stress reliever.

The changing hormone profile during pregnancy causes mood swings and depressions. Controlled and rhythmic breathing exercises practiced in prenatal yoga helps to get rid of unwanted stress and tensions. It also takes care of the problem of insomnia.

The breathing exercises in yoga are seen to help the mother during the time of childbirth. Prenatal yoga helps the mother understand how breathing can be made use of to manage pain during the time of labor. Yoga also helps to handle contractions as labor progresses.

The feeling of nausea and vomiting is very common during pregnancy. Practice of prenatal yoga helps to get rid of these unwanted pregnancy symptoms.

Yoga also helps to improve your posture, strength and flexibility. It improves the balance and co-ordination and strengthens the muscles involved in delivery. It also improves the cardiovascular health.

Prenatal yoga is beneficial for the growing baby too. It helps in the healthy development of the fetus. The breathing exercises ensure an optimum supply of nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. Various stretching poses makes comfortable space for the fetal development

The movements practiced in yoga releases strain from the abdomen and lower back.It alleviates the problem of back pain, leg pain and sciatic complaints during pregnancy. It also decreases the water retention in the joints thereby reducing their swelling

While practicing prenatal yoga avoid positions and movements that pose risk of injury. All yoga poses which puts strain on the belly should be avoided.

Prenatal yoga is a low impact exercise which is very beneficial to the mother and baby. Thus practice of prenatal yoga ensures you a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy.

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