Benefits Of Swimming For Health And Fitness

Swimming probably is one of the best exercises out there that helps relax and build every single part of the human body. In the sense that in swimming every single part of the human body is utilized in one way or another.

In swimming your body is moving through water, as such all the parts feel different pressures and motions. This is a very effective way of having a natural massage and keeps the body fit. A lot of people show a dismissive attitude towards swimming; however it has been proven that this sport is one of the top lowest impact activities regarding overall physical fitness, mental well being as well as health.

Swimming provides the body with a great aerobic workout. Running and cycling also have similar cardiovascular health benefits as swimming; however swimming is much easier to do and evenly works out the entire body. Water is much more resistant than air.

As such the body feels a lot lighter in it, meaning it acts as a medium in which you have to exert yourself more in order to move forward. This exertion is what helps you stay fit and burns calories. All swimming strokes help tone the upper as well as lower body.

Through swimming you will achieve a much higher level of flexibility throughout your body and especially in your joints. As compared to land-based exercises swimming helps you achieve a lot more flexibility. The repetitive movements help improve flexibility in the neck, hips, shoulders and midsection.

This way you will not have to deal with the problem of joint pains. As we work against the water it helps stimulate muscle growth in our body. Having more muscle mass will give you a lean posture and more physical strength.

The weight loss benefits are quite immense with swimming. You can burn around 350-450 calories every hour. This way you will be able to lose a pound of weight in just about a week. Swimming also helps relax the mind and relieve you of your daily stress. Swimming is very beneficial for health and fitness and is recommended for people of all ages.