Benefits Of Yoga For Diabetes Patients

Yoga Benefits For Diabetes Patients

Yoga and diabetes have both been in existence for centuries now. In the recent days only, it has been found that yoga can be a good reliever from diabetics. Commonly, yoga is known as successive movements or poses.

Yoga Benefits For Diabetes Patients

These are generally meant for promoting flexibility, stretching muscles, cardiovascular conditioning and to add strength. But, what most people fail to understand is that yoga is a life philosophy that unites the person’s physical well-being with his mental well-being.

Of the eight limbs of yoga, normally, people are familiar with the exercises under one limb only. In the recent days, lot of study has been undertaken to know the benefits of yoga and its healing properties. This has shown great breakthroughs for diabetes problems. Its weight losing property is beneficial not merely to diabetes but, it benefits them as they are required to keep within a certain weight limit.

The results of one of the studies showed that yoga helps to stimulate the pancreas, which means stimulation in the production of insulin. Some yoga exercises also have the tendency to cause a massaging effect which means the internal organs are stretched and this will mean the subsequent increase in insulin production.

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Besides, it also controls infections and ketosis. Blood glucose levels are also reduced with certain poses. This reduces the complications caused by diabetes. This also reduces chances of hyperglycemia being caused. Therefore, using medicines to bring down the blood glucose levels can be cut down.

There are certain poses that are appropriate for obtaining each of these remedies. Performing 13 poses over a period of 40 days has been recommended for treating diabetes. The poses are Suryanamaskar, Tadasana, Bhastrika Pranayama, Pawanmuktasana, Bhujangasana, Shavasana, Sukhasana, Ardhmatsyendrasana, Trikonasana, Pashimottanasana, Dhanurasana, Padmasana and Vajrasana.

The ratio from waist to hips has also been reduced to significant levels. So, this means there is reasonable weight loss. With more studies being conducted, their benefits are only going to be more enhanced. So, push yourself off the couch and get to do some yoga. You simply do not have reasons to be lazy anymore because yoga is going to benefit your health.

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