Best Anti Aging Foods

Everyone likes to revel in flawless skin and look youthful. External factors such as UV rays, pollution, smoking etc speeds up the process of aging.

If you thought that Botox or any other anti –aging treatments is the key to a wrinkle free skin; it is high time you knew that healthy foods enriched with antioxidants can take years away from you, making you look youthful. They fight against free radicals and prevent oxidative damage to the cells of the body.

Many women look young much beyond their age; you may be intrigued to know how they defy their age. Well, food plays an important role to delay aging. Let’s have a glimpse into the foods that are excellent to combat aging.

Dark purple grapes are one of the most wonderful fruit to beautify the skin and fight against aging. The rich color of the fruit is loaded with antioxidants. It combats cellular degeneration and reduces fine lines thus preventing wrinkles.

It is also great to boost memory; poor memory comes as a package with aging. Berries are one of the best foods to counter-effect aging.They are rich in antioxidants. It helps to slow down and reverse the process of aging. Enjoy the fruit during the season and reap its benefits.

Avocado is a good source of micronutrients which helps to keep the skin looking young and prevent skin sagging. It helps in building collagen which is essential to keep the skin resilient and firm. They are the nature’s best moisturizers.

Include olive oil for salad dressing to get your dose of essential fatty acids which keeps the skin radiant , elastic and nourished. Nuts are a great food which is endowed with nutrients, it makes the skin look smoother, younger and supple. Eat almonds, walnuts, pecans etc.

Lemons are rich in vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant; it acts as a natural cleanser. Vitamin C helps in the synthesis of collagen giving you a firm elastic skin. It is also vital for a healthy skin and blemish free complexion.

Beans such as chickpeas, soyabeans, blackbeans, etc smooth out wrinkles and beautifies the face. Choose a variety of beans for health and beauty.
All these foods are power house of nutrients and antioxidants, they are great to give a fit and healthy body apart from bestowing a radiant and wrinkle free skin.

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