Best Exercises To Lose Belly Fat – Top Seven Proven Fat Busting Exercises

The belly is the first part of the body that shows excess fat. As we gain weight, the belly begins to bulge. The belly is also the toughest part of the body in which to lose fat and develop muscle.It may be tough but getting rid of belly fat through exercise is possible if you know how to do it right. Here are seven fat busting exercises that have been proven to be very effective:

The Captain’s Chair

The Captain’s Chair is a great abdominal exercise done in the gym using a piece of equipment called “The Captain’s Chair”. It targets all parts of the abdomen. Simply support your weight on your arms with your legs hanging free above the floor while in the Captain’s Chair. Draw your knees up toward your chest and then slowly let your legs relax back towards the floor.

The Bicycle Exercise

The Bicycle Exercise has been proclaimed by experts to be one of the most effective exercises in burning off belly fat and strengthening your core. Simply lie on your back and raise your legs to a 45 degree angle from the floor, making sure your lower back is pressed against the floor.

Perform a cycling motion with your legs while, at the same time, bringing the opposite elbow to the knee that you draw toward your abdomen during the cycling motion. Keep your arms and upper body off the floor with your hands loosely intertwined behind your head.

Vertical Leg Crunch

The Vertical Leg Crunch is done by lying down with your back flat against the floor with your legs raised. The legs are kept stationary and you raise your shoulder blades off the floor moving your chest towards your legs. The hands are either loosely intertwined behind the head or kept at your sides for stability.

Exercise Ball Crunch

The Exercise Ball Crunch is a simple exercise but you need the aid of an exercise or stability ball. To do this exercise, just lean back on the exercise ball and do several crunches. Make sure your back is well supported by the ball to prevent back pain or injury. The only difficult part about this exercise is balancing on the ball while doing the crunches.

Reverse Crunch

The Reverse Crunch, as the name implies, is the opposite motion of the conventional abdominal crunch. You lie flat on your back with your knees at a 90 degree angle to your chest. Contract the abs to pull the hips up off the floor and lift your heels towards the ceiling. The arms are at your sides to provide balance. In the conventional crunch, you raise your upper body and bring it towards your raised knees.

Torso Track

The Torso Track is an exercise that is usually done in the gym. The torso track is a piece of gym equipment that is formed like a wheel and has a handle and is connected to a platform with weights. To perform the exercise, just set the weight, grab the handle and pull the handle back and forth while standing straight up, rolling the wheel in both directions.

Full Vertical Crunch

The Full Vertical Crunch is similar to the Reverse Crunch. The only difference is that in the Full Vertical Crunch, your hands are placed behind the head and then you raise your shoulders from the floor at the same time that you lift your heels towards the ceiling.