Body Weight Workouts To Lose Belly Fat

A couple of months ago I was on a diet and I was able to lose all those extra annoying pounds. I was ecstatic and did everything right to make sure that the weight I had lost stayed gone. I weighed myself and I could see my effort reflected on the scales.

Everything seemed to be perfect until summer was just around the corner. I remember feeling really excited because I was going to a get a new bikini to show off my new body. I went to the shops, found the best bikini I had ever seen and tried it on.

That’s when my whole world fell apart. My belly was a mess. After losing weight all the flab was still there! And the “love handles” seem to be bigger! I decided to go to the local gym and get that flat stomach I deserved. I knew it was going to be hard work, but I really needed to have the sick-pack abs I had worked so hard to get.

Here’s how my training routine worked out:

Weeks 1 and 2

I decided to keep some of the restrictions of my diet as part of my eating habits. That would help me keep my ideal weight. My trainer said I needed to get rid of the fat that was covering my muscles and he told me to go jogging every morning. So for the first two weeks I jogged every morning and I could actually see the fat around my waist beginning to disappear.

Week 3

Now that the fat was almost gone I had to start toning the muscles. My trainer told me that there are three types of exercises to lose belly fat. He mentioned abdominal exercises and he stated that they were used to tone the muscles in my stomach. The second type is cardio exercise to burn belly fat. And the third type is weight training. He created a plan in which the three types of exercises were combined to give me the best results.

Week 4

I started swimming for my cardio exercise. It was great fun and I knew I needed it to be able to wear my new bikini. After each swimming session, I went to the gym for about an hour and did sit-ups with my trainer, which I hated. And finally I did some weight training, which turned out to be easier than it looked.

Week 5

Since I had been working so hard to get rid of my flabby belly, I knew that my body was burning fat even when I was resting. I have to admit that it wasn’t easy for me. But I finally made it to the summer with a flat belly and six-pack abs.

A word to the wise from someone who has been there:  combine a diet with the right exercises. It can be very rewarding if you work hard to accomplish a goal you really want to achieve, like fitting into your new bikini!