Body Wraps for Weight Loss

Body wraps have gained popularity as a weight loss tool in recent years. They help in body contouring and detoxification that helps you lose those extra inches with ease. Moreover the herbal ingredients used in the body wraps help in toning, tightening and improving the skin texture. Its therapeutic uses include relief from joint pain and relief from muscular pain and inflammation.

Weight LossThere are a number of spas, salons and resorts that offer body wraps for weight loss. So how exactly do the body wraps work to help you shed that stubborn fat? Well, the principle that rules how body wraps help in losing weight is vasodilation. With vascular resistance or the widening of the blood vessels the flow of the blood is increased.When water loss body wraps are used, the sweating causes water elimination from the body temporarily. This leads to weight loss for a limited period of time.

The other, permanent method of weight loss is through natural detoxification wherein the detox body wraps fuel the process of lymphatic drainage. This process results in the harmful fatty acids and toxins moving from the cells to the capillaries from where it is eliminated from the body by sweating.

There are essentially three types of body wraps, minerals wraps, detox clay wraps and herbal wraps. Minerals such as Epsom salts and sea salts used for mineral wraps remove toxic matter from the body. Moreover they tone your body, soften and rejuvenate your skin and also accelerate skin metabolism.

sweatingRed clay or fuller’s earth is used for clay wraps that allow detoxification, stimulate circulation and tightens the skin pores. While red clay is excellent for dry skin, people with oily skin should opt for fuller’s earth. They compact the body tissues and sculpt the contours of the body.

In addition to this moisturizing agents like glycerin, apple cider vinegar and yogurt are also used. Essential oils like lemon oil, rosemary and lavender oils used in body wraps nourish the skin and improve circulation.

lavender oilsTo apply the body wrap, measurements will be taken initially. Then the mixture of clay and salts is applied liberally on the body. Presoaked cotton bandages in mineral solution are then used to tightly wrap the body from the ankle to the neck. You can lose around six to ten inches with your first body wrap.

Making these body wraps at home is also fairly easy. All you need is a mix of half a cup of sea salt, a cup of clay, two to three cups of water, half a cup of herbs and a few drops of essential oils. Apply this paste over your body and cover yourself with towels or sheets. Leave on for an hour and then take a bath with lukewarm water for the best results.

salt water