Body’s Vitamin Requirements

Our body requires a number of nutrients to remain fit and healthy. These nutrients are the foundation of our body’s functions and must be taken in the correct quantities to ensure that all our systems work in a perfect manner.
Of all these nutrients, the body’s vitamin requirements are the most important ones and can also be the more difficult ones to keep in balance.

A number of different vitamins are needed daily in our diets. All of these have their own purpose to serve. One example is Vitamin A. It is required for the healthy development of our eyes, bones and teeth and should be taken every day through eggs, butter, and milk. Cod liver oil tablets are also a wonderful source of Vitamin A and should be used as a supplement to the diet.

Vitamin C is required for a number of body processes, from keeping the immune system active to absorbing calcium and keeping the gums healthy. Found mostly in fruits, especially the citrus ones, a deficiency of Vitamin C can lead to many problems. One needs from 250 to 2000 mg of Vitamin C a day, much of which can be taken from Vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin D is part of our body’s vitamin requirements for maintaining strong bones and to completely absorb calcium in the body.  Without vitamin D, bones become brittle and break with ease. Although the best source of this is natural sunlight, one can get the daily requirement by having dairy products, eggs and salmon as well. Vitamin E is required for keeping a healthy heart and including nuts, whole wheat foods, vegetables and fruits in the diet should fulfil the daily needs.Vitamin K is needed by the body for controlling blood clotting and most fruits and vegetables contain a good amount of it.

The whole group of Vitamin B and its sub type’s keeps the entire body functioning and are needed to prevent a host of illnesses that may take place due to their deficiency. These vitamins are found in all food groups and can be taken in the form of supplements as well, which is beneficial for vegetarians since most of the vital Vitamins are concentrated, in meat and dairy products.  Overall, having a healthy diet with plenty of fresh food, nuts and juices will keep the body’s vitamin requirements fulfilled.